Word industry is a computer engineer. A computer

Word industry is a computer engineer. A computer

Word Count: 635Choosing a career is very important in a persons life. One needs to think about the things that interest them and what kind of lifestyle they want to have. Some things a person should think about are what qualifications are needed, what type of training is necessary, and the future need of the career they choose. Some other things to consider would be how much money they will make, what is the probability of advancement, and does the career satisfy their need for an enjoyable life.One career in the technological industry is a computer engineer. A computer engineer is a person who designs hardware or software for computers (Computer Systems Engineer card).

Computer engineers do research to determine what people want and need to make their lives easier ( CS). Computer engineers sometimes work on a team to think of new ideas and concepts (Computer Engineering CS). Engineers generally should like activities of a technical nature, problem solving, and math (Computer Engineering CS). An engineer should probably like working with numbers and thinking logically.A computer engineering career requires the most education of any career in the computer industry (Weigant, Chris 15).

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Some school subjects that are helpful in preparing a person who wants to become a computer engineer are algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, computer science, and English (Computer Engineering CS). Computer engineers need to be able to think logically, communicate ideas clearly, and work well in a team environment (Computer Engineering CS). To become a computer engineer a degree in computer science, engineering, or physics is required (Weigant, Chris16).

Computer engineers spend an extended amount of time typing (Computer Engineering CS). A computer engineer should also expect to work long hours (Weigant, Chris 16) and enjoy working with new ideas and concepts (Computer Engineering CS). Becoming a proficient typist would be something to consider when a person is interested in becoming a computer engineer.

In 1947 Howard Aiken, an engineer, predicted six computers would satisfy the computing needs of the U.S. (Burns, Julie Kling 1). By the year 1955 244 computer systems were in use and by 1984 U.S.

businesses and individuals purchased over two million personal computers (Burns, Julie Kling 3). By 1994, shipments of over 47 million personal computers were made world-wide (Burns, Julie Kling 8). The use of personal computers has increased rapidly over the past half-century and therefore the need for new hardware and software will keep the need for computer engineers to continue producing new products. The first position for a person becoming a computer Engineer is a Junior Computer Engineer. The Second level is a Senior Computer Engineer, the third level is a Lead Computer Engineer. The top level for a computer engineer is a Manager of Computer Engineers.

Some benefits may be paid vacations and holidays, insurance, retirement plans, and sick pay depending on the employer. (Computer Engineering CS)Computer engineering is an exciting career to get into. Working in the technological industry is an interesting field due to the enhancements that it makes in everyones lives. Choosing a career is a very important decision to make.

One should consider what lifestyle it is they want to live and then pick a career accordingly. Interviewing some people in fields that interest you would be a good way to go about narrowing down the choices there are.BibliographyBurns, Julie Kling.

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