Competency Statement Number

Competency Statement Number

Competency Statement Number: CS-I (CS-I-a, CS-I-b, CS-I-c)
CS-I-1: To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment.
The way I create and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment in my classroom is by continually making sure all fixtures are safe. Every morning I complete my face to name routine. I model and encourage the students to wash their hands throughout the day before and after eating and after going to the bathroom or blowing their nose. I provide DAP activities, so all students can learn at their own pace. Lastly, to promote healthy eating, I ask that the students bring in a healthy snack.
CS-I-a: Weekly Menu

CS-I-b: Learning Environment
The classroom I teach in, has brightly colored posters, open shelves for easy access, and a table with baskets of all needed materials. I have well defined learning centers in my classroom for the book and reading area, maker space area, math materials, such as calculators, play money, rulers, etc. and the arts and craft area. I make sure there is enough space for my students to walk around freely with plenty of space to play. I set my room up in an organized way so that students can easily find things quickly so that they can gather materials, so no time is taken away from their learning time.
CS-I-c: Weekly Planning
I believe children learn best through play, and hands on activities. I offer challenging activities along with activities for those students with special needs. I always have alternate activities for those students who want them. When planning my weekly lessons, I make sure each activity supports the weekly theme. I prepare and make sure I have all the lessons ready and organized for the entire week. I have all supplies in stock and make sure the marker and crayon checker have gone through to make sure there are no broken crayons and all markers work.
In conclusion, I feel to establish and maintain a safe healthy learning environment your classroom needs to be well organized, your weekly curriculum needs to be planned and all materials need to be ready and accessible for the students. Lastly, modeling good eating habits is important to establish a healthy brain and life style.

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