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The Flower-Fed Buffaloes and Report to Wordsworth have a common theme. The thematic links between them are how humans are destroying the world and killing nature. In Report to Wordsworth, Boey is revealing the lack of respects humans have towards the nature nowadays.

In Lindsay’s poem, the subject matter is how the buffaloes are disappearing from the spring fields due to the invasion of humans. The Flower-Fed Buffaloes is an effective title. Not only the alliteration of ‘f” can emphasise the buffaloes but also stress that the buffaloes are beautiful animals and where they situate are uncultivated.

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These buffaloes symbolise the beauty of nature. The poem starts off by setting the scene in spring. Spring should be the season when new lives immerge. It is rather ironic when the theme is about destruction of nature. “In the days of long ago” tells us it is in the earliest stage in the past, referring to the days when the Red Indians were still living in North America.

Both verses hint that it was once a peaceful time. The locomotives sing personifies to show they represent us, it’s humans who are interrupting the buffaloes.Furthermore, it shows how the sign of life is now from a machine. We no longer appreciate the nature, our lives have been dominated my machineries and we are further developing into another era. “Tossing, booming, perfumed grass” He creates an image, which is appealing to senses through perfumed.

It gives us an idea of the fresh smell in spring, but immediately in the next line, “Is swept away by wheat” represent cultivation. Humans have created disturbance in the fields. The plainness of wheat contrasts with the gorgeous flowers and grass.The repletion of “wheels” emphasises the number of vehicles non-stop coming in and out.

There are two spots where the poet uses euphemism for death. Flowers “lie low” and the buffaloes “left us”. This suggests the passing of this way of life saddens him. He ends the poem by mentioning two tribes, “Blackfeet” and “Pawnee”.

Once again, they are “lying low”, meaning they no longer exist because their way of life relied upon the buffaloes. Once the buffaloes died out, so as these tribes.

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