Accomplishments to my current career path. When I

Accomplishments to my current career path. When I

Accomplishments for my college yearsMy name is NAME. I am Age and I live in WHERE YOU LIVE in fact I have lived here all my life. I am currently attending SCHOOL NAME, which has helped prepare me for my future at a college or university level. I began working with children and youth at a very early age. This began as the leader of recreation summer camps and coaching youth basketball teams, and soon led me to my current career path. When I was sixteen I was very grateful to be approached about designing and implementing a program for youth.

It was an excellent experience for me, giving me knowledge and confidence. Over the years I have assisted the gym teachers in my high school and worked with the mentally challenged. They recommedned me for this program because of my athletic ability and the compassion and understanding I have for these special students. Working with these students has lead me to my future career in the special education field. In my past four years in high school I have set my self forth to become not a good but a great leader. I have worked very hard in high school and in the community to show my leadership qualities and what I will have to offer as a future educator.

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As a future educator, I want to influence others to strive for their goals to never give up no matter how hard or challenging their task may be.I feel that I will be able to accomplish my goals and dedicate my life to the education field. I am choosing the field of education to teach and to enjoy what I do for a living, and to get what I feel will be the best from life and a career. Working with children and teenagers is something I get great satisfaction from. Education is the field in which, I plan to dedicate a good part of my life. Knowing that I am majoring in education has given me a direction; I plan to work to my fullest potential to obtain the goals and ideals of becoming not just a good teacher but a great one. Through my years in school many of my teachers have influenced me and have shown me a direction and a career.

The teachers I have had over the years have shown me the gratification a person can get out of educating children and being a positive influence on them. The pride that I can take in teaching my students is a feeling that has influenced me to choose this field. Seeing that teaching is not only just a job, but also a way I can leave a positive mark on the world and something to be proud of what I have done with my life, that is what I want from a career.

Striving to be the best teacher is in part the way I to play sport to succeed and win. The educational field will have its disappointing times as well as exciting time, but I feel I am up to the task and ready and able to accept the responsibility of this honorable career. The education field I feel is the career I am best suited for and preparing for it with a superior education is a great start. Words/ Pages : 573 / 24

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