cloud computing is convenient for on demand

cloud computing is convenient for on demand

cloud computing is convenient for on demand, and access the
shared pool of resource such as (network, server, application). In data processing multiple external customer are accessed some scalable resource are based on network.
In main goal Cloud is moved in desktop service to service oriented
platform. In this method applications and resources are provide to user based on website.
In this services provide may be low cost, massively scaling, on demand

Figure1: Cloud Storage Model

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On Demand Service
A user required some computer resources such as server, network, and other resource. These are provided form cloud without human interaction.
Essay to access
The cloud is model driven methodology. So they provide configurable
computer resources over internet service. Resources are accessed from
anywhere in the world.
Rapid Elasticity and Cost Saving
Cloud resource are rapidly scale in and rapidly scale out. The main aim can be avoid capital and operational cost. Because it provides various pool of computer


Hospital environment it used multiple system can be used in medical rooms.
Each room needed network connection, proper hardware, software. In this resources are used to store, retrieve, upload patient information and other cilinical data. Electronic Medical Report
contain overall history of patient.
In real health records are generated. Each hospital must keeping the medical records
at least 15 years.
Cloud can increase demand of physicians time. Physicians are needed to access
patient report in a remote way. Doctors can retrive patient record easily and verify
the patient situation.


Cloud can provide the better relationships between patient and doctors. In
pysicians can be access complete patient information through online.
The electronic medical report is use to reduce repeat diagnostic tests, saving time, and patient stress.
Many organizations now using daily updatable or changeable data. Keep these data are
security and integarity of cloud environment to store data on different cluster.
In many organizations (e.g., Hospital authorities, industry and government organizations etc)
freeing person specificdata, which called as private sensitive information.The preserving privacy is protecting for individual’s sensitive information on a public platform. Unluckily de-identification of persons even by neglecting
denotative identity like name, SSN, Voter Id and license no. Data anonymization is best method to preserve privacy over the personal privacy sensitive information. The data
anonymization approach is very efficient technique but if the scalability of the data set like
private sensitive information is increased the anonymization technique fails to preserve privacy.
This project purpose is provide privacy to patient sensitive data. The Major work is provide
medical care providers more insight into your patient information. privacy
is provide secure data for external knowledge. This application can used to access the
patient’s health records only for authorized persons.


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