Running the student and teacher to overcome

Running the student and teacher to overcome

Running head: INFLUENCES IN THE TEACHING ENVIRONMENT Influences in the Teaching Environment Angiela B. Tanzie Grand Canyon University Every classroom teacher envisions the perfect climate for learning. Teachers want the best learning environment for every one of her students. Classroom disruptions pinch valuable instructional time from the learning environment. Classroom teachers must be ready to attack such behavior with effective solutions.

Every classroom teacher needs a game plan for success. Teacher success in the classroom can be directed to the ability of the teacher to manage the classroom.The first couple of weeks during school are crucial to the success of classroom management. Expectations, behavior patterns and procedures will help to define a productive classroom management tool. Some of the major classroom disruptions are side conversations, interrupting instruction, leaving seat without permission, sleeping, chewing gum, arguing, swearing, eating, dress code violations, and disrespect and defiance to the classroom teacher. Any of the above infractions could create a very undesirable learning experience for everyone involved.

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The innocent students are affected by their lack of opportunity to receive the learning strategies offered by the classroom teacher. It is very difficult for the student and teacher to overcome continuous disruptive classroom behavior. Therefore, policies and procedure are definitely a requirement. According to Morrish, Real Discipline is a theory that has been around for a very long time. It’s the type of discipline that is taught in the home and at school.

Students are taught to be respectful, responsible and cooperative.Real Discipline has three parts which makes the theory productive. The first part is training. Students are encouraged to listen and follow the rules of the authoritative figure.

There are usually no questions to this type of discipline. The second part is the teaching component which prepares students to be cooperative and accept responsibility. This is somewhat a learned behavior for the students in the classroom. The last part is management. This is the stage where students are provided choices based on the level of maturity.The Win-Win Theory suggests that all students seek attention and will do certain things to get it.

The only problem is that the average student does not know how to handle these needs without becoming a discipline problem. This theory makes the discipline process a teaching and learning process. The process allows the teacher to identify the behavior and position, while concentrating on the best possible solution. There are many different theories to classroom management. However, the classroom teacher must find the one that will fit her students.The Wong’s Pragmatic Classroom suggests that if students are taught policy and procedure, they will accept responsibility for their actions. When students are very clear of the expectations, they can better accept responsibility.

Whenever inappropriate behavior is suspected, the entire class should be warned in a very calm manner. Students must understand that learning cannot take place when inappropriate behavior is present. For example, if a student insists on talking during instruction, the student should be warned that they may be removed from the classroom if the behavior does not stop.

However, a student should be asked to leave class if he or she engages in the kind of behavior that prevents the teacher from teaching effectively. Even though the student may be temporarily removed from the classroom, policies and procedures must be utilized. Many times a student will enter the classroom late and cause a major disturbance.

When this happens, students must be reminded that when arriving late, it is important to enter quietly and take a seat. The classroom teacher should ignore these distractions as much as possible while instruction is taking place.Classroom teachers could even move in close proximity of the student to send a non-verbal message of unacceptable behavior. Dress code violations should be sent to the office immediately to call home for a change of clothing. They should remain in the office holding area until a change of clothing is received.

Continuous violations should be referred by using an office referral. In some cases, when parents cannot be reached, students must have an alternate opportunity. A decent change of tops and bottoms are available for loan to that student.Student cell phones and electronic devices should be turned off and left inside lockers. If a cell phone or any electronic device is found being used during school hours, the teacher will confiscate the device and turn it in to the administration. Consequence steps such as a warning, parent conference, ISS, and prohibit the possession of these types of devices in the future.

In the real world, students come from various walks of life. They are faced with problems such as anger and conflict. Teachers care about their students and want them to learn.Therefore, teachers are willing to try whatever theory will work for their students. Classroom that are ran smoothly, are supported by clear expectations and strategies as an instrument to help guide student behavior.

It is important to create a community of learners who will give and receive respect. It is also important to have a code of conduct that encourages respect of self, respect of others, and respect of property. These expectations must be modeled by the classroom teacher. Classroom instruction is a very important part of student misbehavior.Instruction must be engaging and procedures well taught.

Students must be allowed to engage in hands-on activities and make suggestions regarding those activities. Students are usually very excited when they are allowed to help develop lesson plans. They eagerly buy into the Code of Conduct.

Will there ever be one main discipline plan that will work for all students? Certainly not, student behavior is based on a lot of outside uncontrollable factors. Therefore many different techniques will be required to meet the needs of the student body as a whole.Just as students are required to learn material from academic subjects, they must also be required to learn the policy and procedures that are required to produce a climate conducive for learning.

A classroom must be operated as a community, where everyone works together to meet the needs of the entire community. Teachers must model expectations and students will imitate those expectations. Teachers must build relationships of trust and loyalty. Classroom disruption is not always easy to manage but very demanding in a successful classroom.

Productive classroom management will help to ensure less classroom disruptions.

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