Text compliant to history, it was seen for

Text compliant to history, it was seen for

Text analysis Assessment Task: Novel study Chocolat Stage 1 English Words: 693 The Role of Religion The Story of Chocolat begins on Shrove Tuesday where Harris describes the journey of a young traveller, Vianne and her daughter Anouk; they are brought to the town of lansquenet by “the wind. ” (pg. 16) The story is planned very much during lent and communicates ideas of religion throughout the story. Religion plays a major role in Harris’ book Chocolat.The town of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes is situated to be governed by the Church, more specifically, the ideologies of cure Reynaud. When Guillaume’s pet dog, Charly develops an ailing growth under his chin (pg. 62) it is recommended by the vet that he is to be euthanised, saying there is “nothing to be done” Guillaume on the other hand will not put Charly to sleep “not if he still had some quality of life” (ph.

57) and compares him to an old man.When Guillaume asks Reynaud about animals, Reynaud states that “animals don’t have souls,” clearly expressing his views as a traditional Christian, compliant to history, it was seen for humans to have no moral obligations towards these creatures and that these animals were put on the earth to serve man, but Guillaume treats Charly as if he were human. Guillaum’s attitude towards animals could be reflected in modern day society as it is common for a household to own pets treated with love and care and Christian views have evolved and have been softened toward animals.Likewise, Friday February 14 among other things marks the opening of La Celeste Praline, it is the beginning of lent and is seen as, “the traditional season of self-denial,” (pg.

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34) the opening of Vianne’s chocolaterie is viewed as unacceptable, more so, La Celeste Praline is situated right across from the church (pg. 27), always in eyesight, a torment and a temptation to the Lenten fasts. In retaliation, Reynaud preaches against la celeste Praline during the following Sunday (pg.

0) steering his “flock” away from what he sees wrong but in the end many give into temptation, including the cure himself and the chocolaterie flourishes in business. We are able to observe the power of the church and the influence Reynaud has on the town. Today, lent is seen as a lead up to Easter, which marks the day of Jesus’ crucifixion and the three days following on which the last day he rose.Traditionally lent is a time of fasting and penance to remember how Jesus washed away our sins, it is also a celebration of birth and new life. Chocolate is a common food item to be given up for lent, but may also be consumed more frequently by some, for we are unable to escape the quantities of chocolate advertised and as we also give into temptation. Similarly, Reynaud’s rejection of divorce is evident when he first meets Vianne, Reynaud assumes she is widowed (pg.

25).There is a conflict between morality and religion when we Josephine leaves her violent husband Paul-Marie Muscat. Harris explores the endeavours of an unhealthy marriage and a final decision is made by Josephine to leave Muscat. Enforcing Gods every law, Reynaud does not believe in divorce or the undoing of one of the sacraments, as a response, Reynaud attempts to save the marriage, for Josephine to realise the wrong of her actions and to remember “the vows she has taken” (pg. 256).Divorce has become more acceptable in todays society and also more common but not something anyone would hope for. In Australia, every third marriage ends in divorce.

As we are able to see the town of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes fall away from the church, the ideas of morality have triumphed over thousands of years of traditional practises and religion, this may be also be reflected in society today. Traditional ideas have been softened and the importance and power of the church has fallen below the governing law of parliament.

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