Although Moon-Disk, were the pure moon is

Although Moon-Disk, were the pure moon is

Although the Chinese poetry I encountered was relatively short, their significant was not at all compromised. It did not matter that these poems were written hundreds of years ago they felt relevant to me. They reminded me of what should be a priority of life, finding inner peace. The poems make the flaws of our society stand out.

Maybe our goals of materialism and power should be reexamined. How can we truly be rich? How should we live? The poems alluded to these and many other a complex situations and thoughts that demand some pondering. Harmony/relationship with nature is a significant theme of every poem. Getting in harmony or being part with nature is portrayed as ways to live a good life.

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This is seen in On the Spirit of he Heart as Moon-Disk, were the pure moon is compared to pure heart. I think this poem suggest that goodness is at the in hearts of all, but can be vanished or clouded with impurities. I assume impurities or darkness, are appetitive things that corrupt the soul. The poems do not have any answers.

Instead they encourage meditation, mentioned in 3 poems, to search for the enlightenment image of lightthat day you will become it(pg. 73). Somehow I always relate what we read in this class to philosophy class. Here it goes again: The sunlight is also used in Platos Cave Allegory as a source of understanding the forms.

I noticed that the poems support a very relaxed and effortless lifestyle. Soft breezesuns shineapricotsflowers(pg. 50).

This image is so strong, it makes me at peace.Trying to understand the deeper meaning of poetry was a sort of challenge and an adventure for me. I probably did not get the same amount of value from the poem as would a Chinese individual, whose who has culture behind them. But the general idea of struggle to attain tranquility and serenity, found in these poems, are universal and everlasting.Bibliography:

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