Chemotherapy negative side effects. Ultimately, in the end,

Chemotherapy negative side effects. Ultimately, in the end,

Chemotherapy Many people are diagnosed with different types of diseases. Once the person is diagnosed with a disease, it takes time so it can be treated. There are many types of treatments for various diseases. Chemotherapy is an advanced treatment with many combinations of drugs. Chemotherapy saves many lives, but also has negative side effects. Ultimately, in the end, Chemotherapy does more help than harm. Fatigue is the most common side effect when receiving chemotherapy.

Patients become tired, because the significant drop of red blood cells that are being destroyed by chemotherapy.Chemotherapy drugs like vinblastine may cause depression. These types of drugs work by fighting the cancerous and non-cancerous cells, but they can also affect healthy cells. If this chemotherapy drug affects the central nervous system in the brain, it may result in depression.

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Another side effect is anxiety, which regularly you acquire before chemo process. Many patients have anxiety problems, because it can involve fear of not knowing what to expect or fear of knowing what to expect. Chemotherapy causes hair loss.Hair loss is one of the most feared side effect people dread. Hair loss can start between 10 to 14 days of chemotherapy treatment. Depending on the drugs in chemotherapy, your hair will start to thin until you lose it all or you will lose all your hair at once.

Nausea and vomiting will usually happen at the same time, but are two completely different things. Chemotherapy is a powerful treatment. Chemotherapy transmits parts of the brain and stomach that detect toxins. Therefore, the body tries to protect itself by vomiting to get rid of the toxins.

Chemotherapy is usually injected through the veins, so it cannot be vomited, so the chemo stays to treat the cancerous or non-cancerous cells. Both chemotherapy and radiation therapy have many side effects that can cause anorexia, such as nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. The chemo patients will start to feel nauseated during the treatment process, which will cause them to loose interest in eating. When they do eat, the body will try to vomit the toxins, but being that it can’t be vomited, because it is injected, the patient will throw up food instead, causing the weight loss.Cancerous cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors, which is severe. Chemotherapy destroys these cells that divide rapidly. Lupus is a disease that means that there is a problem with the bodies immune system.

A normal person’s immune system helps protect the body from harmful things. The immune system of patients that are diagnosed with lupus won’t know the difference between what is harmful or healthy. Chemotherapy is for the patients with the most severe flares of lupus, meaning that the immune system will change without warning.The chemotherapy treatment for lupus involves a drug called cyclophosphamide. Many scientists believe that this drug will be able to reset the immune system.

Chemotherapy is a specific class of medication that affects the immune system that has been looked at in many different ways. There is one FDA approved medication that has considered chemo for multiple sclerosis at this time and it is called novantrone and mitoxantrone. Immune cells infiltrate the brain and spinal cord; seek out the myelin and attack, as ongoing inflammationand tissue damage occurs, nerve signals are disrupted.Overall, it can be concluded that chemotherapy is one of the most advanced treatments there is; being that it is so advanced it can have side effects. Many scientists have discovered chemo to be cooperative to many different diseases.

Many people fear chemo, because of the negative things that they have heard. Though the success rate of chemotherapy is just over 2%, people take the risk, so that they can be treated from a disease. The treatment has many side effects, but sometimes the greatest obstacle theses people come by, is they suffer to stay alive.

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