Gina entrance training is essential for their

Gina entrance training is essential for their

Gina KubaskoChapter 12The knowledge salespeople develop throughout entrance training is essential for their future position in the company. They will benefit from the skills they learn in training when they are out on their own. Training can be divided into two categories.

The first one is operation, which is used for the operation of the territory. The second is behavioral, which involves the sales skills development area. Technology is playing a big part in training for companies, more so then in the past. Developing sales skills include persuasive communication and the selling process. The trend for persuasive selling is for sales people to better understand themselves. The selling process is seen as a series of steps. There steps are prospecting, the pre-approach, the approach, the presentation, and the trial close.

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If all the first steps work then the trail close should be a sure thing.Gina KubaskoChapter 13The greatest challenge in a company is for salespeople to be motivated. This is the job for the sales manager. It is their responsibility to make sure the salespeople are working to their ability. There are seven components for sales managers to do to motivate their employees. The first component to look at is understanding of the motivational concept and what motivation means. The second concept is having a high performance sales culture with good behaviors, values and ideas.

The third aspect a sales manager needs to know is that all sales people are different and they need to be motivated in different ways. The fourth concept involves realizing that sales people need to know what this is going to do for the customer and not just what it is going to do for them. The fifth concept is the sales manager has to know their employees’ personality and ability. The sixth concept is motivational coaching and teaching, which leads us into the last concept of being realistic. A sales manager must be realistic when setting goals for his team.Gina KubaskoChapter 14Compensation plays a big part it motivational selling. The best way to compensate employees is, of course, cash rewards.

A good sales manager must be able to reward their employees properly and fairly. A lot of companies give their employees many ways to increase their salaries through compensation. Many employees are hired with a living wage and top sales people should be able to increase their salary to as much as 50 percent. Companies often pay for daily expenses incurred during an employees project.

When developing new compensation plans. Managers should take into account the job and the market it is involved in. if a manager is going to reward with materialistic compensations, he/she should put a dollar value on the reward.Gina KubaskoChapter 15Leadership is a very influential thing in companies today. Sales managers must have good leadership skills and show good examples for their employees.

There are many different leadership skills. It is best to cheese the one that fits with the employee’s personality. The sales group will eventually for a personality. Some of the virtues that make up this personality are characteristics, norms, expectations, and sales culture.Gina KubaskoChapter 16There are many ways to find out if a companies sales people are doing their job in an efficient way.

Net sales volume analysis and marketing analysis are just two useful things that many companies use. There are many aspects of these analyses. A sales manger cannot use one with out the other. They would not be able to tell whether the company is benefiting from their sales people. Basically there are a lot of small equations and reports that help the sales manager make a good decision about his company.Gina KubaskoChapter 17Job performance is the most important aspect of good marketing. A company must be able to compete with other companies.

They should use both quantitative and qualitative performance criteria. Evaluations of theses performances should be done on a regular basis. Rewards should be given out accordingly. By giving these evaluations, problems in the company can be fixed in an efficient manner.BibliographyMarketing book

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