CHAPTER III REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This section consists of related literature and studies of recognize expert authors and researchers

CHAPTER III REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This section consists of related literature and studies of recognize expert authors and researchers

This section consists of related literature and studies of recognize expert authors and researchers. All of which has a significant bearing on the problem under the study. Reading materials such as books, journals, magazines and unpublished theses as well as internet were utilized to serve as the basis for the conduct of the study.

Agartha (also known as Agartta, Agartti, or Agarttha) refers to a subterranean inner kingdom or rather another complete world beneath the surface of the Earth. Shamballa (sometimes Shambalah or Shangri-La) is said to be its capital city. But throughout Asia it is best known by its Sanskrit name, Shambhala, meaning ‘the place of peace, of tranquility’. It is also known as the “City of Lights”.

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The concept of the theory about Agartha originated from the Hollow Earth Theory which was first brought forth in mainstream circles in the 1700’s by Edmond Halley, the discoverer of Halley’s comet. He believed that the Earth consisted of 3 different sized spheres with the size of Venus, Mars and Mercury, separated by individual atmospheres, each having magnetic poles and rotated at different speeds. Halley also believed that the natural phenomenon Aurora Borealis was caused by the gases emitted by the central sun that escaped from the North Pole. But his theory was never widely accepted.

After more than a hundred years, the idea was expounded by John Cleves Symmes, Jr. He declared that our planet is hollow and habitable within. He even pledged his own life to conduct an expedition into the North Pole hole however the attempt was halted by the US President of that time. Symmes generalized his theory and claimed it beyond just Earth but also on other celestial bodies. Although he died before exploring the North Pole, his attempt inspired other exploration.

Admiral Byrd’s exploration on 1947 was the first public scientific evidence about the existence of Agartha. He wrote his journey on his personal diary which was published by his nephew on 1996. In that journal dated 2/19/1947, he stated that as he was entering the pole the ice began to go away and revealed mountain ranges then a green valley past the mountain ranges. He saw Woolly Mammoth’s there but at first thought they were elephants. He reported the temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit. It was written that they were greeted by flying machines we perceive as UFOs and were brought to greet the king and queen of Agartha but it was only him that spoke with them.

They told him that he was allowed to enter Agartha because of his high moral character and warmth. He was warned about the weapons used by humanity that bothered the peaceful life of the creatures underneath the surface and that many of their people left the planet in ships as they feared for the stability and safety of the planet. Also, he was told about the attempts their race made to warn us. It was noted that they had been allowed in for this express purpose, as a way of making contact with someone they trusted.

According to Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr., there existed land beyond the Pole that was “an enchanted continent in the sky, a permanent mystery of Earth.” He announced on February of 1947, just before venturing into a 2,750 km journey across the North Pole, “I like to see the land beyond the Pole. That area is the center of the Great Enigma.”
Admiral Byrd’s theory is that the poles of the Earth are convex, rather than concave. Ships and planes can actually fly or drive right in.

In an article of Brad Steiger entitled The Hollow Earth: Myth or Reality for Atlantis Rising, “the ‘Old Ones’ is an ancient race that populated the world millions of years ago and then moved underground, The Old Ones, an extremely intelligent and scientifically advanced race has chosen to structure of the planet and manufacture all their necessities.”
“The Old Ones are hominid, extremely long-lived and pre-date Homo Sapiens by more than a million years. They generally remain aloof from the surface peoples, but from time to time, they have been known to offer constructive criticism; and it has been said. They often kidnap human children to tutor and rear as their own”
As cited in “Amazing Stories” magazine (1945), a story told by Richard Shaver, who claimed he had recently visited what remained of an underground civilization, “the Elder Ones came to our planet from other celestial bodies. They built a huge subterranean city after realizing that the Sun makes them age pre-maturely.

According to the book of Willis George Emerson, entitled “The Smoky God” (1908), which claims to be the biography of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen whose sloop sailed through an entrance to the Earth’s interior at the North Pole. For two years, he lived with the inhabitants of a subterranean network of colonies whose world was lit by a “smoky” central sun. It is a world comprised of three-fourths land and one-fourth water.

Olaf Jansen and the others said that the water in the interior was fresh which was the reason why the ice in Arctic and Antarctic is fresh and not saltwater.

While Emerson did not use the name Agartha, later works have identified the civilization that Jansen encountered was Agartha, and its citizens as Agarthans who were a full 12 feet tall. They are such gentle folk that even humans’ judgmental thoughts are physically harmful to them. According to those who explored Agartha, a warm welcome from these friendly creatures can be felt upon visiting. The entrance to these cities depends on the purity of intentions and capacity to think positively.

In the book entitled, “Twilight”, (1975) Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, it says that “There are certain places where it is possible for the initiate to travel downward into the center of the Earth, and meet representatives of that inner civilization, and among quite a number of people there is a definite knowledge that people from the inner world do come out to converse with those of the surface. Then there are the tunnels from Tibet to the inner world and the tunnels from Brazil to the inner world and one tunnel beneath the Greater Pyramids.”
A majority of ancient sources for Agartha are linked to Buddhism and Hinduism. The Tibetan monks to this day guard the entrances, and also keep them secret from any undesirable outsiders. It is allegedly believed that there are several entrances on the surface of the Earth into the Kingdom of Agartha; North and South Poles as the main entrances.
Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre of France, was the one who introduced the concept of Agartha to the Western world. He allegedly visited Agartha and in his book, “Mission India”, (1886), he gave a lively description of Agartha as if it was a kingdom which really exists, situated in Himalayas in Tibet.

A local people in Himalayas do not want to lead foreigners in these places. Horses there refuse to proceed further as they begin to tremble, the camels move their ears with terror and the cattle bow down to the ground, for unknown reasons, meaning he received through attunement.

According to Alexandre, the secret world of Agartha and all of its wisdom and wealth “will be accessible to mankind, when Christianity lives up to the commandments which were once drafted by Moses and Jesus” (1885), meaning when the Anarchy which exists in our world is replaced by the Synarchy.

Many references to Agartha have been made in the form of Sci-fictional entertainment and books. Published in English in 1871, the fictional novel by Jules Verne, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” clearly depicts the inner Earth having oceans, vegetation and even prehistoric carnivorous animals.

Edgar Rice Burrows wrote “At the Earth’s Core” in 1914, again detailing an inner world. It may be fiction, but it makes you wonder what these men really knew or seen back then.


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