Changing and I volunteer at the homeless centers

Changing and I volunteer at the homeless centers

Changing Lives from the Other SideTo teach is to touch lives forever is a popular phrase that teachers like to be reminded of.

I know this because they almost all have it framed on their desk, up on their walls on posters, or have a t-shirt with the theme on it. Another is To teach a child is to change the world. I havent been a teacher, but I work with children and with childrens health at The Little Gym, and I volunteer at the homeless centers childrens activity room. I cant say that Ive touched or changed their lives, but I know that theyve changed my view on love more than anything else has.All other humans, and I first learned about love from our parents. From birth, we are nurtured and given everything needed for survival. Through this dependence, we develop love for our parents.

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When we start to learn more about the world, we come in contact with others. I am one of the many people that try to develop or adjust a childs life for the best. I am probably one of the least important people in the process of the childs mental and physical growth. But, some children make me feel like the most important person in the world, that only a few worthy people are lucky enough to see a childs special light and smile.A childs smile is transparent. Their love can be seen through their smile. Their happiness is so innocent and unselfish, that sometimes, we have to feel like a child to feel that kind of love.

Working with kids reminds me to bring myself back to childhood. I have to think, what made me happy when I was a child, what frustrated me, and how can I make that situation better for the child. The groups of children that I work with may compare and contrast to each other in different ways. The Gyms kids are generally well behaved and easy to please. The homeless centers kids are disrespectful, but still easy to please. A favorite activity at the homeless center is for the children to throw toys around the room when they cant get their way. These kids need extra attention to calm down and to explain sharing to.

But if I was a raging kid, I wouldnt want to be talked to. I would need other entertainment to keep my mind on, and fast. So I usually sing a song or pick them up and then talk to them. Then I see a smile. I generally see more smiles when the kids are playing with the volunteers than with toys.

Im not in psychiatry class, but I think its because the kids cant share their happiness with a toy, but a person can see and react to a smile. I think that we smile to unconsciously share our happiness and love with others. Its such a great feeling when I come back every week and see the childrens smiling faces when the run up to hug me. Ive been wanted and needed before, from people my own age, but theres something different about being needed by a child. I think that what brings me back to work and to volunteer is the crucial growth of love in the innocence of the childrens needs, which I feel lucky enough to provide. Working with children keeps me young in reminding me how much we need each other and the importance of showing our happiness to everyone with a smile.

Everyone should have the opportunity to work with kids to be reminded of child-like love again. I hope to work with children in my future occupation or in volunteer work to always be around the best kind of teachers.Words/ Pages : 658 / 24

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