Change not, within human nature there are unavoidable

Change not, within human nature there are unavoidable

Change is an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another and within an individual, it can come in many different forms such as physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Change is always with us and is a natural part of human nature and whether it comes gradually or abruptly, it is a matter of the individual being able to recognise this change, accept it, and respond to it in a manner that they will be able to attain constructive criticism about themselves, regardless if this change brings upon positive or negative outcomes or whether we like it or not.A number of poetic and literary techniques are skillfully used in portraying the concept of change within individuals in the poems The Door by Miroslav Holub, I am Man-made by Susan Wicks as well as illustrating it by visuals and art in Bagdad Cafe, produced and directed by Percy Adlon in 1987. The Door by Miroslav Holub constantly commands the reader to the possibilities that may lie behind the door, it implies that whether we like it or not, within human nature there are unavoidable urges to change and accept the outcomes.

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The motif of the door is used consistently throughout the whole poem, symbolising an invisible wall between one stage and the consecutive stage of life that acts as an obstacle between the two. This motif is then recurrently used in the repetition of the phrase “Go and open the door” indicating the initiative an individual must show towards a change contradicting the quotation “we change, whether we like it or not”.This explores the concept of change being inevitable, in comparison to the emphatic tone in The Door, implying the availability of choice when confronting change. Despite the contradicting notions, it can be seen through these factors that there is an evident change in the lives of individuals as part of the human nature. This same idea is similarly associated in the poem I am Man-made by Susan Wicks.Similarly in I am Man-made by Susan Wicks, it uses implications associated with particular terms in order to explore an unavoidable changing social environment, and easily translate this change to the attention of the reader.

With the use of repetition of the line “I am man-made” at the beginning of each new stanza much like the prior, it is used to signify the stages in the changing social and physical environment, a condition we cannot avoid. Wicks also uses a sequence of commonplace terms such as “father”, “teachers” and “Devil” to urther express the catalytical influences resulting in a social/emotional/psychological change to give the audience a source to relate to and further comprehend that change is inevitable. Thus this presents the idea that society, which will constantly provide different environments at different stages of an individual’s life, will bring changes to an individual caused by external sources. This concept of change is likewise explored in the film Bagdad Cafe by Percy Adlon.

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