We stressful situations. Some personality styles are better

We stressful situations. Some personality styles are better

We are addressing how different people react and deal with different situations. In todays business world there are four basic personality types.

They are Dominance, Influence, Conscientiousness and Steadiness. Dominant people shape their environments by overcoming opposition. Influential people get things done by influencing or persuading parts of their environments. Conscientiousness people work within existing circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy. Finally steady people are the classic team players. They work with others to carry out assigned tasks. We will be looking at the following situations: behaviors in stressful situations, acceptance of change, and plans for success and innovation.

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The first area to address is behaviors in stressful situations. Some personality styles are better suited at dealing with these situations than others. Influential people have difficulty managing stress due to the following factors. One is their inability to properly prioritize. Another trait that causes difficulty is the tendency to not take a logical approach to situations. These tend to cause even more stress.

Dominant people tend to create stress for others by holding everyone to high standards and expecting immediate results. They also try to accomplish many things on their own. They would do well to pace themselves and set realistic expectations of others. Also they need to learn to work better with people. Conscientiousness people have little tolerance for conflict. One would think that this would cause conflict and stress. However due to their analytical methods for accomplishing things, they tend to reduce the feeling of stress in situations.

Steady people are very consistent in their habits. They require conditioning before they can openly accept change. However once this happens, they will work with the group towards the common goals. One way to reduce stress is to be more accepting of change. All people react differently to change and the circumstances that surround it.

Dominant people will fight change that will aversely affect their own goals. However they will welcome and encourage change that gives them challenge and the opportunity for advancement. Influential people will attempt to generate enthusiasm about changes. They try to motivate and sell you on the concept of change in business so long as they get to express their ideas openly. Conscientiousness people will work towards change if they are given specific structure to work with. They are resistant to changes that go outside of their defined structure and work environment.

Steady people dont accept change openly. They will work within a changing environment if they are properly conditioned to it prior to the changes.Lastly, by planning for success one is more likely to achieve it.

Here are some ways people plan for success and innovation. The dominant person is very visually task oriented and a problem solver. They look for situations in which they can be seen as the problem solver, not merely a follower.

Companies can benefit from having many people like this to lead it into successful change. Steady people work within their set boundaries and put for the best work they can. They look towards success by always accomplishing goals set for them within the timeframes expected. They to remain stable in a changing environment. Conscientious people want to contribute to everything. They want to help change along, if they are given the opportunity.

They tend to deal with stress as it is handed to them from their managers. If their managers deal with it well, then conscientious people have little problems coping with stress. The influential person can cause stress to spread more than the average person can. If they are feeling stressed then their methods on persuading others will reflect this. However, they can also influence people to focus on a solution rather than the problem or cause of the stress.

This can be an invaluable resource to a team.We have seen many different ways of dealing with similar situations. Depending on the situation, some methods are better than others.

However, none of the methods is inherently wrong. It is important to remember that no one is capable of dealing with everything that business can throw at them. That is why it is important to assemble a team that is a successful merger of all these types of personalities. Also a good team will learn from one another and apply that to future situations.Bibliography:

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