Persuasive Students like myself enjoy texting during

Persuasive Students like myself enjoy texting during

Persuasive Essay: Why cell phones should be allowed in school In today’s society everywhere we look people of all ages and genders are parading with his or her cell phones. Whether they are driving, walking down the aisle in the grocery store, or even in class, cell phones have become a part of an individual’s everyday life.

However, it is always a controversy in the classroom between teachers and students whether cell phone usage should be allowed in school. Students like myself enjoy texting during his or her classes, but teachers, however, greatly oppose to it.I personally am one of the students who a person could say has a “cell phone addiction” I am the one teachers catch texting out the corner of his or her eye. My fingers move quickly across the keyboard of my cell phone during class. For this reason teachers find cell phones distracting.

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If a student is texting during class they cannot put his or her full, divided attention into what the teacher is saying, there for, what is the point of trying to explain something to someone who is not paying attention.Teachers come to school to educate students because it is their job, and they find it disrespectful if a student isn’t listening. Teachers do not oppose to texting in class because he or she is not mean, or do not want students to socialize, but rather for students benefit. They are trying to prepare each of us for our future, and the lives we will go on to live after high school.

If we do not learn what we are supposed to during our junior high, and high school years we will not be prepared for the advanced knowledge college or university offers us.After high school no one is going to tell us we are not allowed to text, but it is out loss if we do not learn what we are supposed to. Teachers only want to prepare us for the real world. Not only are teachers trying to prepare us for universities and colleges, but also our lives beyond that. When we get older and have to go to work regularly to provide our everyday necessities, and for some even provide for a family, using cell phones at work is out of the question.You cannot do your job and talk or text on your cell phone at the same time.

In some environments such as hospitals and offices cell phones are not supposed to be turned on. Students may argue that it is his or her right to use their cell phones in class. They own the cell phone, so they can use it as they please.

They believe they can text and pay attention at the same time. Although students do have his or her own rights, they also have the right to an education, and teachers have the right to do his or her job, without being distracted.A teacher’s job is to provide a student with the best education he or she can offer and it does not require watching students on his or her cell phones. Teachers want to ensure his or her students have the best opportunity for education. There is a time to learn or to work and there is a time to do other hobbies and things we enjoy.

Texting is something many people like myself really enjoy, but it can get in the way of the things that we need to do, like paying attention in class. Students might be surprised at what they miss in class from texting. The information that they miss could be valuable and useful.

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