CE 2.1.1 Chronology May-2015 to Oct-2015
CE 2.1.2 Location Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India.
CE 2.1.3 Institution Ewac Alloys ltd.
CE 2.1.4 Position Held Mechanical-Production Engineeruu

CE 2.2.1 Nature of the Projecta The evaluation of the effective productivity is an important factor for any organization whether the product is tangible or intangible. The industry type is manufacturing or service type productivity is always key factor and performance indicator. The term effective is used because productivity is dependent to many parameters like availability of machine, manpower and material. The basic definition of productivity is the work output divided by manpower hours. Productivity can be calculated for the particular machine as well as for the whole plant. It is always better to improve rate of production by making modification in machine or process.

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CE 2.2.2 Objective of the Project The objectives of this project are mentioned below:

? Modifying the machine to eliminate different unwanted time consuming activity to increase productivity of machine.
? Developing a design and replica.
? Performing analysis developed design in Solidworks for stress checking to prevent design failure
? To manufacture required parts for modification based on prepared designed.
? Installation and performance evaluation of modification made.
CE 2.2.3 Nature of the Work Area My work area was to fulfill all requirement of project by providing best design to improve productivity as well as safety of working condition. Initially, I studied existing design and working condition After that, I went through different methods available on internet and in books to find out what techniques other industries are following for similar operation. At the end, I worked on best suited technique and to complete it, I made a set up to modify existing machine and to increase productivity of same machine.
CE 2.2.4 Organizational Chart The chart of the organizational structure has mentioned below:

CE 2.2.5
Statement of Duties
I was committed to below mentioned responsibilities to carry out project successfully with lowest possible cost.
? Evaluating existing machine work condition and procedure.
? Drafting and Designing of machine part.
? Deal with outside vendor to procure desired material for modification.
? Installation of new setup
? Analysis of new setup to evaluate its effectiveness.
? Calculation of timing of each activity of operation before and after modification of machine.
? Comparing obtained values.
? Preparing final report of the project.









I initiated by calculating current productivity value for one week on daily basis. I monitored each and every activity in existing operation and the need of each activity. I also studied the effect on entire process if any of the activity is eliminated. After that I filtered the unproductive actions which can be eliminated without affecting the operation and quality of end product.

I’ve produced a 3D design of new setup using Solidworks software based on the requirement and also I did stress analysis to determine its strength during working. The essential component were flange, Locator, Pneumatic cylinders, Two way electrical switch, Wires, Polypropylene pipes and shaft. I designed all the components by considering safety factor 1.2.
Before I go ahead with the new setup I analyzed all the possibilities of accidents during project and prepared all safety measures for performing any activity. The whole procedure that I followed to design and install modified setup has been mentioned below:

? As I mentioned earlier, first I analyzed and analyzed current situation and productivity rate. After that I started designing possible designs to reach to solution. At the end of whole process I found two methods on which I decided to work further. The one system was Hydraulic and another was pneumatic.
? In both the designs, I started deciding which part is to be used and drafted with actual dimensions in autocad. After designing I compared the cost, reliability and durability of each part in both the system and reach to conclusion that pneumatic system is more reliable and durable as well as cost effective for longer run.
? After that I consulted with the vendors to explain my requirements and criticality of part. After receiving all the required parts I assembled them in order to perform main operation. All the parts were made of Stainless still Grade 316. Parts were Conical Locator, Flange distance piece and mounting structure (Mild Steel).

? I assembled the pneumatic cylinder with the SS locator with inside bearing fitted. Pneumatic cylinder was connected to pneumatic valve by polypropylene pipe. I took help of electrician to make electrical connection of whole setup to power source as I was not allowed to do electrical work.
? The distance piece and flange were easily detachable and it was holding the work piece with the pressure of pneumatic cylinder. After each finished item flange and distance piece is to be removed and unload the job.
? I welded and bolted whole setup on a square bar of 100*100 mm bolted to ground with anchor and fasteners. Square bar act as a support and gives stability to whole setup by absorbing all vibrations and jerks during operation.
? Once I was done assembling the setup, I performed a trial run of setup for verifying if there is any problem or abnormality.
? After verifying, I asked my apprentice to start actual production with new setup.
? I noted down all the timings after modification for seven days on daily 2 shift basis.
I followed the same procedure for one month; it was clear that there was a difference in the construction of the setup.

In earlier setup it was conventional manual operation and operator had to load and unload the job by hand manually. Operator put the job on the machine and places the flange to locate the job at one place after that one locking nut was there to tight the job by hands. This operation was eliminated by automatic pneumatic system operated by two way switch to lock and unlock the job.
To calculate actual difference, I had to compare the results to see if modification has done any improvement in productivity value or not, therefore I referred past production data of 1 year. I made one excel sheet containing timing data with required productivity equation into Microsoft excel and by putting the noted and observed values I obtained the real value of productivity difference.
I noted significant time saving in all the activity after modifying the machine I had clear value of productivity difference.
I chose the equation of productivity and It is measured by calculating work done in available working hours. In my case it was kg per man hour. For example if operator gives output of 1000kg in 8 hours the productivity would be 1000/8 = 125 kg/man hour.
So in earlier case, production capacity of machine was 35 jobs per shift and after modification the productivity was increased up to 45 jobs per shift so in nutshell it increased 28.57%.
Secondly, in earlier case operator has to tighten and loose the nut manually and in entire process the job has to be tighten and loosen 70 times per shift which caused severe pain in shoulder joint to operator after 2 days of continuous work.
In new method I eliminated the nut and provided pneumatic way to tighten and loose the job. It completely eliminated the human fatigue.

I maintained effective communication with my production head and immediate boss as I performed all activity under their supervision and with their due consent throughout the project.
I also took help of apprentice and electrician as some parts were difficult to operate single handedly and it might lead to an accident.
At the end of project I successfully achieved desired result and it took 6 month to complete the project.

2.3.10 Engineering skill and knowledge I applied my engineering skills and knowledge to perform below mentioned task:
? I used my theoretical and practical knowledge to design and develop the setup to improve existing method.
? I used my past work experience to differentiate unwanted and time consuming activities.
? Used my knowledge to decide which parameters can affect adversely during practical.
? To decide by what equation the productivity is measured and how it can be applied to practical situation.
? To perform all activities successfully without any accidents.
? Calculated the increment in productivity and recorded in excel sheet with the changes made.

2.3.11 Delegated tasks I’ve mentioned below my accomplished tasks:
? I designed and developed the experiment setup for both methods.
? I monitored performance of modified setup until all the problems were resolved and the process is completely established.
? I performed calculations to obtain value productivity.
? I compared previous and current value of productivity.
? I prepared graphs, project report and PowerPoint presentation.
? I presented my findings to the Production head and project guide.

Problem solved Major problems encountered during this project were:
Problem Encountered: when I started practical operation on new setup, at time of unloading job it was found that job was broken and whole body of job was cracked. This happened continuously for 7 times. It was loss of material and ultimately loss of money.
Root Cause of problem: After monitoring working condition, I found that the crack was generated because of sudden thrush applied by pneumatic system which is connected to stainless still flange to lock the job. At initial time the cracks were minor but during the process the job rotates at high speed and it causes inertia force outside. This inertia leads to spread induced cracks to outer diameter of job and it causes cracks to all over the job and job failed.
Solution: After I identified the root cause, I worked on to reduce the weight of flange and distance piece so that the inertia force can be reduced. So I went through the different material properties to replace the stainless steel material and decided to change the material from stainless steel to polypropylene. It has 90% less weight than stainless steel flange and distance piece. Ultimately, with lesser weight the inertia force reduced and it led to decrease in stress developed in job. After applying this change the problem was solved and I started receiving desired results.

CE 2.4.1 This project was very beneficial for my professional engineer career as it increased my knowledge in all aspects related to engineering. I had the opportunity to polish my skills such as communication skills, creative and analytical thinking skills, Machining skills. I learnt how the things work in engineer’ mind and how it converted from a idea to physical model; I also understood methodology and gained practical exposure in my field. Referring lots of researches I updated myself with new technologies and advancement available in my field or under research phase.


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