CE 1.1.1 Chronology Nov-2011 to Apr-2012
CE 1.1.2 Location Surat, Gujarat, India.
CE 1.1.3 Institution Swami Textile Pvt. Ltd.
CE 1.1.4 Position Held Project Student (Mechanical Engineering)

CE 1.2.1 Nature of the Project This was my First project at Swami textile Pvt. Ltd. Activity was carried out at the factory was dying the yarn/threads with different colors using boiler steam. But the problem was poor quality of steam. In this project I was determining the solution for low quality steam to provide steam with high dryness fraction.

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CE 1.2.2
Objective of the Project
The objectives of this project are mentioned below:
? I had to calculate existing installation and layout of machines.
? I had to calculate dryness fraction of steam at current levels.
? I had to develop the solution based on existing condition.
? I had to prepare model in respective software to analyze the developed model.
? I had to apply the solution with necessary changes for results.
CE 1.2.3 Nature of the Work Area At initial level I understood the phenomena and concepts of quality of steam through various books and from internet research by reading the articles and theories published by many authors in different countries. I also took guidance from my project head and factory engineer. After gathering all the data, I correlated all the information with the practical situation and found out the root cause of the problem. Then I indulged in the preparation of the work process to achieve end result by managing resources. I developed the models and I performed experiments as well as coordinated with the vendors for various material inquiries.

CE 1.2.4 Organizational Chart The chart of the organizational structure has mentioned below:

CE 1.2.5 Statement of Duties To complete this project successfully I was responsible for following activities:
? Test and calculation of dryness fraction of steam at various points in steam line.
? Determining the requirement of optimum value of dryness fraction of steam.
? Find out new method to improve dryness fraction of steam.
? Preparing the replica in Pro E to analyze the new method results.
? Performing experiments on existing machine assembly.
? Data analysis of the data obtained from experiment as well as 3D modeling software.
? Using the conceptual knowledge, deriving the equation to calculate Dryness fraction and heat conductivity from atmosphere to steam carrying pipeline.
? Formatting the equation into Microsoft excel.
? Preparation of Presentation graphs and reports.







I started my work by examining current situation, layout of pipelines from boiler to process vessel. Developing standard experimental procedure and then performed tests. I quantified test for 10 pipe insulation material. I used Pro-E Mechanica software to analyses the model. The software used to evaluate the model strength during developed thermal stress and give value about heat generation. I also used calorimeter to calculate the dryness fraction of steam.
? I created the 3D model of steam carrying pipe line in Pro E software.
? After that I input the parameters like steam flow rate steam pressure and temperature of steam in to the software.
? The software processes the input parameter and behaves like practical situation and calculates the results.
? Then I noted down the result for stress generated and designed capacity of existing pipelines.
After completion of the test a comprehensive test report is generated & stored in computer memory. Test report comprise of instrument information, User information, Product information, Test Information, Statistics and Test Data in addition to the Test Report.
After the completion of model simulation, I focused on determining the dryness fraction of steam. Firstly, I did a thorough research on the theory to derive an equation for the heat conduction through the pipeline and how it affects the steam dryness. In order to achieve this, I indulged into constant discussion with my project guide; I maintained repetitive communication with my guide to derive the equation as it was the most important part for the successful completion of the project.

I concluded my equation using the specific volume of saturated water and saturated steam.
I also found another solution using enthalpy and entropy of water and steam. I made necessary changes in the equation according to the need of the experiment. Before developing an experimental procedure, I went through the material inventory available.
I used calorimeter to perform experiment for measuring the dryness fraction during operation.
I applied different insulation material to conserve heat carried by the steam in pipe line.
I took assistance of the lab assistant to help me operate the machine. The procedure that I followed is mentioned below:
? I began testing of actual dryness fraction by installing the calorimeter.
? I installed the calorimeter to pipe line at the end point that is at outlet of pipe.
? Once the arrangement is fixed, I started operation and took the reading of dryness of steam.
? Then, I changed the flow of steam and measured the difference between the results obtained.
? I noticed the difference but from the readings, I understood that the loss of heat was not depending on flow of steam.
? Then, I moved to another variable that was the insulation material which was applied over the pipe line.
? I researched in books and internet about the various materials available for insulation.
? Then I changed the material from cotton to fiber glass to check the change in quality of steam.
? This way, I replaced fiber glass, mineral wool, cellulose, Rock mineral Wool, cotton, straw and noted value of dryness fraction for each material.
? I Took Care of all safety measures during entire project.
I look after whole experiment very carefully as it was necessary to keep other parameters constant during the experiment so that it would not affect the end results. After I conducted all the experiments, I prepared graphs using Microsoft Excel. In the end, I calculated the enthalpy and entropy values and from that the dryness fraction of steam and compared it with the value I got from the experiment and it is presented below in form of graphs:

Thermal Resistance value(R) v/s Dryness Fraction of steam(%)

Dryness fraction comparison by practical and theoretical method

1.3.9 Engineering skill and knowledge I utilized my engineering skill and knowledge in below mentioned activities:
? During developing the experiment procedure.
? During performing the experiments.
? While creating model/replica using Pro E mechanica.
? Using machines such as calorimeter for finding heat values of steam.
? Categorizing different heat insulation material based on heat resistance value and conductivity.
? During gathering, analyzing and processing of data.
? Installing the machine setup with available resources.
? During calculation using Microsoft Excel.
1.3.10 Delegated tasks I’ve mentioned below my accomplished tasks:
? I found the comparison of dryness fraction by applying various insulation material.
? I calculated dryness fraction using practical and theoretical method.
? I obtained required values of dryness fraction with suitable heat insulating material.
? I prepared the graphs, result tables and presentation of my findings.
1.3.11 Problem solved Major problem encountered during this project was:
Problem Encountered: While I was experimenting, at time of applying heat insulating material I was not able apply it properly and the material was not sticking to surface.
Solution: To find out the root cause of this problem, I checked the surface of the pipe and I found that it was rusted from many places. It was creating problem for insulating material to stick. So, I rub the surface with emery paper and made it smooth. After that I applied paint over the pipe and I performed the experiment. I also suggested the production head to replace the pipe if possible as it was operating under high pressure and it may burst from rested spots.


CE 1.4.1
At the end of this project my confidence in my field of mechanical engineering was increased. I performed and achieved all the tasks by experiments that a professional engineer does. I felt that my ability of finding root cause, analyzing the data and brainstorming had risen. During my project I was introduced to the new technologies, innovations and materials that are under development and possess the ability to change the future of thermally engineering. I conducted many experiments with proper planning and team work and in return I successfully achieved the required end result.


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