The era: The Revolutionary War.To argue whether

The era: The Revolutionary War.To argue whether

The American Revolution, occurring during the late 1700’s, formed the foundation and ideals Americans still hold today.

During this era, the Unites States Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and a ratified Constitution were written by perhaps some of the greatest philosophical men of America to date. The revolution proved to be no easy task for the American settlers to take on amid a time of economic and political adversity. However, Britain was still recovering from the Seven Years’ War, resulting in many nations, including France, to seek revenge, thus earning American’s support in their revolution.

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Both economic instability and political turmoil were two of the primary causes of the American Revolution, considering economic hardship was the result of America’s lack of a strong central government and its inferiority to Great Britain’s. The American’s inadequacy to unite and form a strong central government allowed the British to continue to seize control of the colonies, causing American hatred towards Great Britain to rise. British and American’s held completely different opinions on the running of nations and international affairs.

The British believed in mercantilism, which stated wealth was power.American’s, strongly against this belief, strived for a republicanism and sought to fight against the monarchy. Corruption within the political exchange between Great Britain and America was highlighted by numerous American radical groups fighting against unjust acts set upon the colonists, such as the Quartering Act and Stamp Act of 1765. Economic stability in the American colonies continued to decrease, essentially due to the growing number of taxes placed upon them in order for Great Britain to pay for the expenses lost in the Seven Years War.

Already suffering from Navigation Laws, which included Great Britain mediating all trade to and from the colonies, the Stamp Act and Sugar Act of 1764 made it nearly impossible for American colonists to create a strong economy. More anger and economic hardship ensued for the Americans, thus all the more reason a revolution was set to occur. Perhaps the boiling point regarding economics was the taxes placed on tea, leading to the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre, highlighting the beginning of a new era: The Revolutionary War.To argue whether the American Revolution was based on economics or politics is pointless, in the fact that both played large roles in beginning the revolution. One does not exist without the other. Economic hardship would not occur without a corrupt government regulating it. The political issues which played role in the revolution would not exist without depleting economic wealth in America because of Great Britain’s’ taxation laws.

Overall, the revolution was complex and was brought on by numerous underlying causes, such as rebels in the colonies, radical protests, and an overall sense of anger in America towards the motherland.The political and economic instability which plagued America in the 1700’s enabled the will and motivation to fight for independence, eventually resulting in the liberation of America and the formation of the United States of America. The revolution, after settling the political and economic issues, also brought forth a sense of unity between many nations and America for extended periods of time. This allowed America to fully develop as what is now a major worldly power.

A tiny nation whom is able to overcome complete economic depression and political tyranny has served inspiration to nations all throughout the world.

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