Organisation Generation Time Management Software Benefits ?

Organisation Generation Time Management Software Benefits ?

Organisation Morgan Motor Company Business Sector Automotive Number of employees 150+ Key Issue By investing in Zeus 3rd Generation Time Management Software which links directly to their payroll software, Morgan Motor Company is now able to accurately track over 150 workers who work under a flexitime scheme. Employees have become more self-reliant when clocking time, booking holidays, or querying the system – saving considerable administration time. Products supplied ? Zeus 3rd Generation Time Management Software Benefits ? Smooth implementation Easily viewed information, for both management & staff ? Generate valuable reports including general attendance, overtime, flexitime, absence, holidays etc to ensure optimum productivity levels ? Operational 24 hours a day / 365 days a year ? Reduce overall operating costs ? Improve efficiency and control labour costs ? Promotes employee self-service Solution Overview Morgan Motor Company has successfully merged its existing time and attendance systems into one easy-to-manage system, which is capable of meeting the demands of a flexible workforce.Autotime Solutions successfully installed Zeus 3rd Generation Time Management Software linked to two electronic data capture terminals within the specified time frame in order to cause minimal disruption. The Morgan Motor Company is one of Britain’s most famous and successful motor car manufacturers.

The company was founded in 1909 by H. F. S. Morgan and was run by him until 1959.

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Peter Morgan, son of H. F. S. , ran the company until his death in 2003.

The factory is located in Malvern Link (an area of Malvern, Worcestershire) and has 155 employees.All the cars are assembled by hand. The waiting list for a car can be up to a year. Production is nine cars a week and each car takes three months to build.

Customer Challenge Time and attendance management is very important to the Morgan Motor Company. While they only operate one shift each day, the start and finish times do vary when overtime is worked, and the staff operate under a slightly different flexitime scheme. Morgan also have to keep track of employees various comings and goings for medical appointments, off-site meetings etc.

nd also monitor everyone’s holiday allowance. The business needed a more robust system which could see an end to time consuming paper based recording systems, and enable a direct link to the payroll software. The Business Solution The previous system at Morgan wasn’t robust enough to cope with a number of different working patterns and the various different absences etc. and as a result it was impossible to include everyone on the payroll.

This meant that paper records had to be kept for everyone and as a result some information was recorded twice or sometimes lost.The main benefits of the new system are that it allows Morgan to follow their policies to the letter. With everyone following the same rules there is no ambiguity and everyone knows where they stand. The staff can access up to the minute information on their “flexi bank balance” as well as keeping a track of their holidays. It has also saved time as individual’s clock card reports can be emailed straight to them. Automatic report generation means that nothing is ever missed and that daily records are accurate at all times.Analysis of monthly absence figures is also quicker and more accurate.

The new system has also enabled the HR department to download hours worked straight from the clock to the payroll software which has saved hours of time each week in manual reconciliations and calculations. Holiday planning is also much easier as managers are able to see at a glance how many people are out of each department at any given time. The ability to keep personnel records and notes on the system also cuts down on paper and ensures everything is stored in the same place.Recommendation Currently 160 people use the system, with a mixture of working patterns from part time to full time, and overtime to flexitime. Sarah Baldwin, HR Manager at Morgan Motor Company says: “The new system has surpassed our expectations.

Flexitime is certainly much easier to manage and as everyone can access their information from the swipe terminals, they always know exactly how many hours they have left to work, or how many they have in the bank. ”

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