1. cells to stop making prolactin. If that

1. cells to stop making prolactin. If that

1. I don’t believe Jane is a hypochondriac, she definitely has relevant health problems that are very serious and causing her a lot of stress. The MRI that was done revealed there was a brain tumor. The underlying problems that stand out to me are the right visual field deficit, occasional lactation, and severe stress which are directly related to Prolactinoma.

Prolactinoma causes increased prolactin hormone level in the body which is caused by the pressure of the tumor on surrounding tissues or by excessive release of prolactin release of prolactin from the tumor into the blood which can as cause a condition known as hyperprolactinemia in the pituitary gland. A large pituitary tumor (macro adenoma) can put pressure on the pituitary gland and nearby parts of the brain, such as the nerves leading to the eyes (optic nerves). Prolactoma is also directly linked to irregular menstruation. 2.Ankle Edema could be caused by her taking birth control pills for an extended period of time. Irregular menstruation can be caused by increased level of prolactin.

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Frequent crying can be caused by stress and not knowing the cause of her many symptoms. I think the marked weight loss is related to being overly stressed out about her medical problems. Amenorrhea and weight gain began when she started taking levothyroxine and I believe those side effect are directly related to ingesting that medicine. Jane’s depression was probably the result of not knowing what was wrong with her.The galactorrhea as well as the right visual field deficit I believe is related to the adenoma in the pituitary gland. As for as the dropping of the right I’m not certain was the cause of that could be. The hair loss is probably related to her stress level.

3. I think the best therapy would be to administer medications which mimic the activity of dopamine, thereby sending the message to the prolactin-producing cells to stop making prolactin. If that treatment was ineffective I would refer the patient to have surgery to remove the adenomas within months of being diagnosed because the tumors can get larger and cause more severe affects.

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