MGT-310 for the important information. Because those

MGT-310 for the important information. Because those

MGT-310 Case: How Leaders Flourish at Gunderson Lutheran Health System. 1. How well does Gunderson’s development program follow the career management process described in Figure 9.

3? Identify any elements of that system that are missing. I think Gunderson did a really good job on development program, because for the data gathering they focus on competencies needed for career success base on their two years research, such as specific skills in operations, finance, vision, team building and leadership.Then they use variety of measures to employee’s potential talent, they use Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and also the Hogan Value Report to make sure the analysis is critical. Second step, they focus on specific success factors, strengths and improvement areas like physician executives, administrative executives and administrative leader at different level. Those give a good direction for Gunderson to select those talents. Also let employees know what position is open to them.

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Then goal getting is more like same as four area that give to employee but the organization’s director at different level are involved in Talent Development Review Group, such as chief learning officer, vice president of business services and chief medical officer. The developmental methods that Gunderson apply have a lot of choice for employee, such as job rotations, coaching and continuing education. The final part is action planning and follow up, I think the 360-degree reviews will give a better measure and adjust for this plan.Also the last paragraph talks about a success case that a employee become a information system director. Some of missing I think in the second step feedback, they are not give a maintain confidentiality for the important information. Because those information is an huge assets for company, so company should maintain carefully. Also the third part goal setting, Gunderson have not detail like become sales manager within three years.

It is not specify. 2. What measures would you recommend for determining the success of Gunderson’s development effort? Discuss how well these are aligned with the organization’s goals.I would like say patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and profitability to measure the success of this developmental effort. Because those three criteria is really critical to determinate a hospital did well or do not. As same as the organization’s goal, the hospital needs profit to pay their employee and researcher new project.

Also they want their patient get health. I think is aligned with organization’s goals. 3. Of the developmental methods described in this chapter, which do you think would be most appropriate for developing leadership skills? Which of these does Gunderson’s use?Which should the organization add or drop from its program, and why? I think job enlargement will be most appropriate for developing leadership skill because it will involves new challenges and new responsibilities, and also employee will know and practice about different goals by using their leadership skill.

In the case, Gunderson uses the stretch assignment to approach leadership skill. I think, Gunderson would like to add a downward move that allow the manager maintain their skill because some of the employee become a director is just use one step, this will occur some issue.I think become a manager not only have knowledge but also experience, so downward maybe a change to get more experience. Case: How the MGM Grand Maintains Employee Engagement 1. How did the MGM Grand use employee surveys to enhance employee engagement? Besides the applications described, how else could surveys support employee satisfaction and retention at the hotel/casino? MGM Grand did a survey through 10,000 employees that make a clear to see the potential problem among the employees.

Employees give their idea about their job, hotel and complaint, this also is a way that get employee involves in the company management.The better communicate with employee, the better service that can deliver to the customer. In this case, MGM Grand find a problem on the survey that is less communication about event on hotel. Then MGM Grand deicide to give a short meeting about what’s happening in the hotel when start a new shift. This is a huge change for the service and employee engagement.

Also I think survey can support open-door policy for manager to manage the hotel because sometime is hard to compliant a lot in front of manager or compliant may dissolve through a day that might be a real problem.So did a survey that may give a short-term expression chance for employee. For the long-term, the satisfaction rate both in customer and employee will go up. Because employee happy with their job they will give a good service to customer.

It’s a chain reaction. 2. In meetings held at the beginning of each shift, employees receive information that helps them provide superior service because they know more about their guests. How could that information also contribute to employee satisfaction and retention?I think employee should know what is going on for their next service that will give a time for them to think about and be prepared.

Then, they can avoid some embarrassment moment. So they can be done a good job on their shift that will give courage for them and will increase their satisfaction in the long run. I think everyone wants to done a good job on their service and get praise from manager and customer. If employees love their job, they will not only stay but also do their job even better. 3. Because of a decline in revenues, the MGM Grand scaled back spending on some employee recognition and development programs.Suggest a few less-costly ways the organization could strengthen employee retention in lean times First, keep doing the survey but can be more different and wider direction to measure employees such as, new idea, complaint and personal interests.

It makes sure open-door policy for everyone and bring equal to everyone to say their thought. This give a general view about employees’ thought to manager and also this can monitor employees’ satisfaction. After first step to identify employee then second give meaningful work for them.Bring their core value to their work is hard but is a critical thing.

So the first step will help company to give a correct allocation to different employee. Third is to monitor satisfaction, I think this three steps is like a circle because a survey can be a short-term thing to understand what employee think about but monitor satisfaction is a long-term that mean we need to keep doing the survey, I think survey is also a feedback from employee for company new decision. It helps company to monitor the process. I have never given or received nor have I tolerated other’s use of unauthorized aid.

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