Case-1 : Suicide is a waste of life : Nothing to gain from it
Learning to live by living means fighting. This is the life that will not return! Then why not live? Hardship, sorrow, disappointment, deprivation? What are the people that their way of life is easy? no there’s none. So, if someone is deceived, deprived not to despair but to turn around. If you have trouble in life then fight with that trouble. And they have to fight themselves. Life is yours, so no one else will fight.
Ramp model and actress Risila committed suicide Although I do not know him well That’s not the case, a girl committed suicide, why did she think that she committed suicide? Is not there a man like to share his troubles? Maybe not. When a person can not find the meaning of survival to be upset, then commit suicide. Desperate to be frustrated, his dreams die. Risila may have gone to that stage. But, what a surprise! Thousands of people around us Like to talk about life, believe some people like to share their feelings? I had no idea that there was no such resiler. So what will suicide do? No, suicide is not a solution. Rather, suicide is a waste of life.
Nowadays the trend of suicide has increased a lot. Socialism, environment, financially, prosperity – people are running behind them. Like, people want to catch them and people are losing their lives, happiness, happiness To enjoy life, we need to know the fame, not the wealth, but the way to rejoice. The kite can be enjoyed by singing kites by the river, or sitting on the rooftop of night, singing and singing. Happiness is also sought by helping a blind man or talking with an old man in a timely manner. Just have to think that this life is mine, happiness, happiness is mine. I’ll be like me, think like me. Others think what they want. Risila may not find the way to rejoice. Has Risila ever played with joy with her baby? I do not think so. Maybe played from the responsibility feeling. Not having fun, and the problem is there. There could be no inferiority on this futuristic child. This child would be one day bigger this child could be his best friend. Risila probably never did that way.
The ideas are beautifully decorated and life is beautiful. And to make those thoughts beautiful, it is necessary to have the courage, courage. I can, I have to live for myself, for life, for survival. You can see that you are okay.
Those who are still depressed, thinking about suicide, telling them – once thought about the people who are blind, can not see any light in the world, but with the light of the mind, how they try to do it with strength, survival. The woman who changes the hands of a man every day also dreams to live. He tried his best to fight in the war of life. Man’s humiliation, despite insult, is still standing, he survives, because he has nothing more to live like.
One unemployed boy lost his dreams for a job and lost his dreams, he was also in despair, but once again he turned around. A father, or a mother who keeps the child with all the love, and when the child leaves him old, they live with the suffering. Because they want to live. There is no such thing that will be successful in all the activities in life. Trying somewhere will fail. So what?
There are many things in this life, you can organize your dreams if you want. Once broken, you will dream again, break again and see again. You will see that once successful. If someone throws you out then rise again from there. Neighbors will shout? The society will shout? Do not look back Say what the society will tell the mischief. Self-confidence is very important in the way of life. If you die, people will regret the day and then forget about it. But if you can go ahead and move forward in front of society, then this society, people, neighbors, will remember that for your work


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