Career Fair Plan Jacobs Jacobs was founded in 1947 by joseph j Jacobs

Career Fair Plan Jacobs Jacobs was founded in 1947 by joseph j Jacobs

Career Fair Plan


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Jacobs was founded in 1947 by joseph j Jacobs. They have 77,000 plus employees, 400 plus locations, $10B 2017 revenues. In this company, their main focus is on building long-term client relationships, which has helped them because one of the largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction services which includes engineering, architecture, construction, operations and maintenance.

I think this company would be a great fit for me because I want to work in such environment in which I can help build myself and maintain all the connections with developing the new and apply the skills I have. I aspire to bring the significant change, which will company and client. I have a keen interest in creatively managing and leading the workforce to achieve only the best results in my work.

Fisher Associates

This company is an award winning consulting engineering firm. Fisher associates are professional’s work such as transportation, energy and land development, which includes civil/site, planning, architecture and survey. Their projects are “Designed Around You” they are also partners with state, municipal and private sector, and highly motivated to help their clients achieve the goals.

This company would be a good fit for me because when I see something related to civil engineering it fascinates me, and motive to work towards it. And this company provided with plenty of good sources, since I have experience in surveying I would like to put all the skills and expand the work.


AECOM is a company of global networking and experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions.
AECOM ranked 1st in Transportation and General Building in Engineering New – Records 2018. Also, it is names as one of the Fortune Magazines ” World Most Admired Companies”.

I would be a good fit because I do have experience in field of roads and solid waste management, since I have worked on this project I aspire to bring more changes. I like to solve technical problems and I take pride in my detail-oriented approach to work that often saves significant amount of workload on the project.


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