CannabisWhy so our kids would not get addictive

CannabisWhy so our kids would not get addictive

CannabisWhy to decriminalize cannabis?more and more people are using it, so there is no point to control something that is uncontrollableit is as dangerous and sometimes with even with less consequences then alcohol and tobaccoit is better to give a person a ticket for possession rather then destroying their life by sending them to jailpure cannabis is not proven to be addictive or harmful to a person, they just have more tar then cigarettesWhy to have cannabis illegal?in 1999 29% of students form grades 7 to 13 in Ontario admitted smoking cannabis at some time in their lives, compared with 13% in 1993.

We should try to make cannabis illegal so our kids would not get addictive experts report that marijuana is 50% more cancer causing then ordinary cigarettesWhy to have cannabis legal? the percentage of students using marijuana is the same percentage as students using cigarettes, about 20 percent, and alcohol is over 60 percent, why not then make alcohol and tobacco illegal to, because they are as dangerous an cannabismost of the people who use the narcotic use it to relieve stress, or just for fun, the popular stereotype is that people use it to fit in, but its actually not truein the Netherlands people can buy as much as 5 grams of marijuana in a coffee shop. The murder rate in the Netherlands is 1.81% per 100,000 people, 14% smaller than in the U.S, and it also has a smaller homicide rate than Canadian rate.All of these reasons show that marijuana will not increase the crime rate so why not legalize it when it is as dangerous as other drugs, like alcohol and tobacco I think that cannabis should never be legal just because it can cause general health problems, like cancer and for heavy users sometime loss of brain cells, just like any other drugs should be kept illegal like alcohol because it can cause loss of brain cells when constantly binge drinking. But cigarettes are also bad for the body because they also carry the same health risks that weed does.

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I also tink that the government should decriminalize weed because by doing that they would spend less money on enforcing laws that obviously don’t work, and use that money to help the people that don’t or can’t get any access to rehab. I also that weed should be open to more people with the need to use it medicinal means. In conclusion I think that if you want to make one drug illegal you should do it to all the drugs, because if you don’t more people will get addicted to the other drugs which may be even more dangerous in the long run. Also as hard as you try to enforce the prohibition people will still be able to get their hands on that what is illegal, just as they did in the prohibition days. Words/ Pages : 532 / 24

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