Business ethics is the analysis of the proper business policies and practices concerning possibly debatable issues like cooperate governance

Business ethics is the analysis of the proper business policies and practices concerning possibly debatable issues like cooperate governance

Business ethics is the analysis of the proper business policies and practices concerning possibly debatable issues like cooperate governance, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and more. The importance of ethics in a business is the concern, which any person’s moral judgments about what is considered to be right and wrong. Business ethics is the use of ethical values to a business behavior and is applied to all strategies made in the boardroom as well as how companies treat their suppliers to sales techniques and accounting practices. Ethics is much more than legal requirements and is a matter of choice however the business is considered to do better with a good ethics as it often means that the people who utilize that business are happy as business ethics is utilized to conduct both individuals and to the business as a whole and is to do with how the business does and how it affects its operational activities and how they have an impact on its stakeholders.

Starbucks is an American chain coffee company; since it was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971 it has expanded and now operates in over 23,000 locations worldwide.

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To ensure that Starbucks corporate governance is directed and controlled in the best possible way, the Starbucks boards of directors have adjusted to governance principles and committee charters to ensure that they make sure the end of goal of governance practices of Starbucks are carried out and maintained. There are currently fourteen directors at the board at Starbucks, which at present guarantees that all requirements are met. Starbucks also states “As part of the Starbucks mission we are committed to maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow.” ( And as Starbucks is a large business it is important that they maintain their principles in corporate governance so that the directors know what the managers are doing in order to allow the business to run smoothly because if the managers don’t know what they are doing then they will be unable to run the business properly and therefore if the directors know what they are doing they are able to guide them in the right direction to allow the business to do well meaning that they will get more consumers coming in and buying their goods as they know it is a reliable business meaning Starbucks will generate more profits.

Starbucks claim to just buy the best quality, ethically sourced espresso beans from farms everywhere throughout the world as well as this they also pay their suppliers a suitable amount. Consistently every year Starbucks espresso purchases invest in a touch of time to go to different espresso providers to enable them to build a stronger relationship with the farmers and providers in which they support and purchase from. It additionally ensures that everyone taking part in the business is following the right and suitable purchasing practices. Starbucks also offer the farmers loans that they are able to collect and use various support centres and incentives which allows the farmers to reduce there environmental effects that they have make whilst producing the coffee beans. By Starbucks offering and helping their farmers in different ways and enhancing their communities, they guarantee that they will have a solid and dependable supply of coffee. As well as this by Starbucks visiting the farms in which their coffee is produced it allows them to feel secure that they are going to get the best quality goods and services in which they are buying and are going to be satisfactory quality to serve to their consumers. Starbucks have been working with Fairtrade since 2009 and some of their main drinks are 100% fairtrade certified like their ” coffee roast ” and ” pumpkin zest latte”. By Starbucks using Fairtrade it helps their consumers to understand that they are paying their producers and suppliers equally and are helping them out as well as this the business being carried out in an open manner, meaning more people are likely to want to buy drinks from Starbucks are they know that the drink they are purchasing has been ethically made and the farmers who produced the beans have been fairly paid rather than underpaid and miss-treated.

Starbucks is likewise devoted to its baristas in which they offer them full medical coverage and stock honours. When people work for a business they are permitted to a specific set of rules and conditions about their minimum working conditions these are not only about the wages but also the discrimination acts, privacy and the hours in which they work etc.. Starbucks working hours can be from 4hours to 12 hours as long as the employees work for no less than 3 days a week, and staff who work 20 or more hours a week get an advantages bundle know as ” your special blend” and its custom fitted to the accomplices needs. This bundle incorporates things like bonuses or discounted and matching stock purchase options. This is not necessary for Starbucks to do yet they do it as it is considered to be a good thing to do and also gives the staff extra credit for doing their job making them happier to work in Starbucks as they get treated well. They also offer all their employees 30% off online and in-store discount as well as box of teas or K-cups.

The law covers the key ethical issues that may affect Starbucks main stakeholders however there is still business practises that can help the business out to make it better and Starbucks care for their social responsibility and by doing so they work so that they include social reasonability by proceeding their business in a certain way that produces social, economic and environmental benefits to the communities in which they work in. Starbucks and most businesses survive to meet their aims and objectives and all businesses managers have to meet their targets in order to maintain the business and this can be a great deal of pressure for them. However by Starbucks being socially responsible, consumers are demanding more than just goods for their loyal brand Starbucks and this can be a great service from their employees so from Starbucks employees being helpful and having a great quality service it makes the consumers want to come back and by the employees deciding to work at Starbucks they will have strong values and shareholders are more likely to invest in Starbucks if they have exceptional corporate reputations.


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