Building and maintaining relationships in a professional capacity

Building and maintaining relationships in a professional capacity

Building and maintaining relationships in a professional capacity, is an important everyday task because it creates an environment in which people and feel their needs are being heard and understood. A strong professional relationship improves teamwork.
The skill of effective communication is one essential way to build and maintain relationship in a professional capacity. This entails, making sure that you understand what the other person is saying. At Enterprise Group, where I work currently, I was made the supervisor for the new recruits to ensure that they acquired all the knowledge on how to operate duties assigned to them. I made sure to create opportunities for them to communicate whatever issues or opinions they wanted to express and I took time to hear what each person had to say. The effort I put into explaining the various departments and functions of the company resulted in my assigned recruits being the most knowledgeable on the company’s products and most productive team when it came to completing tasks assigned to them.
Another way to enable a relationship in a professional capacity is to seek the opinions of others. Whether it is from your superiors, subordinates or peers. From personal experience at my current company, I have observed that people like to give advice or deemed as the expert on certain issues. Seeking the opinion of others helps to build a deeper rapport between both parties. When I ever I have difficulty in completing a task or even beginning it, I seek the opinion and suggestions from peers who might have dealt with similar situations or subordinates who might have a different view point on a method. I am also able to gain a lot of knowledge, avoid a lot of mistakes and save time whenever I ask for the opinions and expert knowledge of my superiors. Seeking the opinion of others helps in giving a different perspective to one’s work and how to approach certain duties from a different angle and achieve better results.
Responding to Criticism positively and giving constructive criticism, is another skill set which ensures a relationship in a professional work capacity. Constructive criticism gives room for improvement and growth in a professional environment. It helps one correct certain mistakes he or she may overlook in the performance of their duty. When I started work at my current company there were a number of fields I was green in. This resulted to my poor performance in certain duties. However criticisms from my superiors enabled me to see where I was inadequate and overlooking certain errors. These criticisms came with advice on how to better handle my duties to achieve better results. Applying that method of criticism to my subordinates enabled them to be the best performing team amongst their work peers.
In working towards acquiring managerial position in the future, enhancing my communication and ability to give and receive feedback, will enable me achieve set goals with my subordinates, peers and superiors and effectively meeting the needs of clients.


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