The Octavious, is the one that becomes

The Octavious, is the one that becomes

The reason Brutus participates in the killing of Caesar fascinates me because his perspective is different from the men around him. Brutus is a friend of Caesar and believes in democracy. He fears that Caesar will be crowned king but has no concrete evidence.

All he knows is that Caesar refused the crown thrice, which is a fact. However, Casca informs Brutus that Caesar was reluctant to lay his fingers of the crown, this is an opinion which can be misleading, and also Casca is known for his sour nature.Brutus continues with the killing, not knowing the truth behind Caesar. This is an interesting mistake as it is similar to the mistake George Bush made when he accused Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction. We don’t know for sure that Caesar would not have become king, but we do know that the one who replaces Caesar, Octavious, is the one that becomes a tyrant. Brutus is among the men who kill Caesar because he believes it is in the best interest of Rome, whereas the other conspirators participate due to person hatred and jealousy.We can see this when Brutus says, “I know no personal cause to spurn at him, but for the general he would be crowned.

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” This shows that Brutus loves Rome more than his friend Caesar, therefore he is rightfully considered to be an honourable man. This is what draws my interest to the play as it is a complicated situation. Brutus’s honourable intentions are naive and results in the fate that he would have wanted to avoid, mainly an autocratic ruler taking control.

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