British Colonization is good for Myanmar Introduction In the 19th century

British Colonization is good for Myanmar Introduction In the 19th century

British Colonization is good for Myanmar

In the 19th century, British took over Burma in three stages. They were Rakhine , Lower Burma and Upper Burma. The last king of Burma was deposed in 1885 and exiled to India. From the beginning of British rule, the indigenous minorities such as Kachin and Chins who occupied approximately 45 per cent of the country’s area.
In the early 1800s, the British government motivated by profit and marched into the South-East Asian nation of Burma also known as Myanmar rich in natural resources. British colonized in Myanmar over 60 years. They wanted to colonize Myanmar because there are many natural resources in Myanmar and they want to attest and endure their absolutism of their empire. British encroached three times in Myanmar. The first time was in 1824. In 1852, they encroached the second time in Myanmar. Finally they conquered all of the land in1885. They governed Myanmar in different parts dividing administration states. In 1948, British decolonized and Myanmar became independent country.
How did British colonization transform the Burmese education system during the mid-19th century to early 20th century? When the British colonized in Myanmar, the level of education in Myanmar was quite advance. During the British rule were to do good things for people to develop written letter, they built many schools and University in the urban areas. The first Government High Schools are founded by the British colonial administration in 1874. Two years later this High School was become University Collage, the Jackson College in Rangoon. And also the school and Universities interlocked the western counties of the Universities. They used the advance level of the school curricula. They have many chances and they could confer to their teacher face to face. As a result, the universities of Myanmar became the best universities in Asia even after we got independent so many foreigners students attended to the universities in Myanmar.
There were adverse systems of the education during the British colonized. On the other hand the depressed areas of the children and the children of the farmers did not have a chance to study their High School and Universities and also there was no school for the children who lived in the country sides. The British discriminated, so the students who are come from rich families and the children of merchant and also the officer of the British militarily.

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Hillman (2004) said that the economy of Myanmar had been one of redistribution that is a concept embedded in local society, religious, and politics. The British impact on supply and demand system proved as Burma’s economy became part of the vast export oriented enterprise of enterprise of colonialism. And then, the area of productive rice fields in lower Burma grew from 60,000 acres to nearly 10,000,000 acres between the mid-19th centuries and damaged in World War II. Then, British provided to lend money easily. The British took the thousands of India people who are Chieti lend money extortionately. So the farmers lost their land and if they could not pay money, the Chieti expropriated their land and their daughters. The Myanmar girls were caused rape cases as usual a lot.
Although the Burmese economy and transportation structure also developed rapidly from 1890 to 1900 but the majority of Burmese people did not benefit from it. A railway had been built through the entire valley of the Irrawaddy. They could carry easily the products of Myanmar such as rice, dry goods, woods, natural resources and so on to their country or they export other countries. They monopolized the economy of Myanmar. After that Myanmar became known how to used or spend the money because of the British colonization.
There is some religious predominance such as Islam, Christianity under the British colony. The early 18th century, the religious of Christianity had in Myanmar. Christianity is the second largest religious in Myanmar. The American missionaries had difficulties to propagate a religious but after the British colonized Myanmar, they could access easily. So, many missionaries were trying to do good things for the people by developing written language, building schools and clinics, and improving living standard.
At that time, the children of the farmers and the deprived people could not attend the school. So the American missionaries tried to open school the depressed area and taught the children compassionately. Many mission schools were founded and the parents were compelled to send their children to these school. That was one of the results that the Christianity befalls more and more in highland (Chessman, 2003).

There were lots of impacts of colonization in Myanmar and affecting education, transportation and religious before U Nu era. After getting the independent and the military Government become dictatorial, education and transportation of Myanmar become desolation and humility. In my point of view, we are still colonized by British is better than absolution by the military government. If British still colonize in Myanmar, there will have a lot of educated people and Myanmar will be development country now. And also, there were not happened inflation in Myanmar and the money of Myanmar one kyats is equal ten bat of Thai money till 1964 and till 1978, it is equal one hundred Yan of Japanese money at that time.

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