Breeana Moore Professor Beck South University NSG4029—Leadership In A Diverse Society May 29

Breeana Moore Professor Beck South University NSG4029—Leadership In A Diverse Society May 29

Breeana Moore
Professor Beck
South University
NSG4029—Leadership In A Diverse Society
May 29, 2018

Conflict Handling Style.

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Conflict is defined as a state of discord that comes when there is an opposition of needs, values and interests. It can be internal, conflict within an individual or external, among two or more parties involved. It is normal and sometimes healthy for individuals and groups to contradict in an organization or in the society. (Azcentral, 2012). But the consequences may be worse than expected. In the recent past, studies have established that most health care workers, especially nurses, have had their disagreements result in job dissatisfaction, absconding of their duties and low output. All these generally affects the turnover to low levels since the conflicts took long or were totally not addressed. This paper thus focuses on a greater need to understand conflicts and how its resolution can be of positive impact on nurses as healthcare workers.

The different styles involved in conflict resolution are as listed below.
Avoiding the conflict-In this, the conflict is treated by an individual as if it does not concern him or her at that moment, pretending that it never happened. Sometimes one may procrastinate the issue at hand.
Giving in- This involves accommodating the other party by accepting the terms that he or she provides. It bears the element of self-sacrifice.

Compromise- It takes one courage to employ compromise in conflict resolution. Both parties are not only cooperative but also assertive. (Dougsguides, 2018). Individuals are more than willing to trade some of their needs so as to win concessions from the conflicting side. Though challenges such as fair evaluation arise as the terms of exchange may be valued differently. (Dougsguides, 2018)
Collaborating- The individuals or group that are in conflict come together and listen to each other’s opinion on how to resolve the matter. Mutual understanding is arrived at after the discussions of agreements and the set goals.

Compete- This style becomes handy when the outcome is much beneficial to an individual and bears much importance. Sometime the driving force may be the knowledge that one is right and also the quest of one standing for his rights. This method also becomes handy when quick decisions are to be met. (Notredameonline, 2018)
Change theory.

Conflicts may arise in an organization due to changes, which are inevitable. The forms of organizational changes that may stir conflict are anticipatory changes, reactive, incremental and strategic changes. For the best output to be realized, an institution must have well-motivated employees. Conflict management is among the recommended ways of making employees committed to their course. Before any change is made in any organizational structures, the management must have knowledge of change concept theory. They should be able to visualize both the internal and external factors that may lead to success and those that can derail the progress.
Conflict theory.

It is suggested in this theory by Karl Marx that conflict arises from the different social classes as they compete for resources. Individuals are driven by their own self-interests and desires. In this, the parties that disagree bear unequal power and so one must emerge as the victor. Georg Simmel, a German sociologist who concurs with Karl Marx argues that the intensity of the disagreements may elevate when emotions are incorporated. (Lumenlearning, 2018)
Change Agent.

Anyone who brings a positive change to the healthcare environment is known as a change agent. Nurses are regarded as change agents by offering their services in the best and improved manner. As a change agent, they must first identify the problem at hand and have confidence in solving the matter. Apart from bearing the qualities of being proactive, they should be active listeners and remain calm in whatever situation. Another quality that should be exhibited in nurses as a change agent is that they should seek for solutions. Nurse leaders should not take sides when handling conflicts. Instead, they should remain neutral and focus on managing the situations.

The success of an organization totally depends on how individuals relate. In this case, when nurses work in harmony, better healthcare is offered. This leads to a more healthy society. Conflict resolution thus brings a sense of respect as people work together.

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