Born June 13

Born June 13

Born June 13, 1928 John Nash jr. was a brilliant mathematical genius, even though having to fight through schizophrenia for nearly all is life, he was one of the smartest people in the world of mathematics and economical science. John Nash had a mental disorder called schizophrenia, Schizophrenia – a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand reality. John describes it as, “Having a dream witch you can’t wake up from, and as the dream is ending I realize it is a dream, and then I wake up.” One of the main Although having this disorder he over came it, and was able to win the Nobel memorial prize and the Able prize as well in economic sciences.

When he was born, his father, John Martin, worked as an electrical engineer, and his mother, Margret Virginia Martin, was a teacher in Bluefield, West Virginia. John went to ‘Carnegie Mellon University’ and took a class in Chemical Engineering. He eventually changed the course he was taking to just chemistry, and in 1948 He earned a M.S. and a B.S. in mathematics. When John was 22, he graduated with a doctorate degree and came up with his. “Non-cooperative Games” thesis. Leaving college, John was hired as a ‘RAND Corporation’ and then later started working at MIT as a mathematics teacher still studying the game theory. He proved that in every game, there is a best strategy for each player given the strategy’s chosen by other players, he called it, the equilibrium point. Years later, what became known as the Nash equilibrium, it would change economics forever.
The game theory is the science of making decisions and is incredibly wide ranged and is used by a lot of scientists and economists. There are two main branches of game theory, one being, COOPERATIVE and the other .NON-COOPERATIVE. The non-cooperative covers the competitive social interactions where there will be some winners and losers. The cooperative games are when every player has agreed to work together toward a common goal and trying to determine what is fair. As with any idea in economics, there is the supposition of rationality. The most famous game in game theory is the prisoners dilemma. For example, There are two prisoners, prisoner one and prisoner two, and they each have a choice. They can testify against the other or keep quiet. If they both keep quiet they can get the least amount of time in prison. If they both testify they both get a moderate sentence. Now, if one testifies and the other keeps quiet then one gets off and the other has double the time in prison. And that’s the Dominant Strategy Equilibrium or the, Prisoners Dilemma.
A few things where happening between the time john was young to the time of is death. We’ll start short in the 1950s. The Korean war was taking place between the Democratic Peoples Republic and the Republic of Korea. In this circumstance, Korea or the Democratic may have easily used the game theory to strategize the outcome of the war. Some other things that where going on around this time, the 4 minute mile, Rock and roll, Disneyland, The first TV, and the first NASA rocket launch. I’m not so sure how I could explain the use of game theory in all of this, but I’m sure there is.
In conclusion too my paper, John Nash was a wonderful man. Josh then reconnected with his older son john steere. In the spring of 2001 he go married with a girl named alisha who he had talked to 38 years ago. At Princeton Nash had returned once again in his work in mathematics. It teaches us we have to appreciate the particular talents of people who may be very unconventional and look at things in very odd ways. Those are often the people who really have the most stunning insights.

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