BOOK REVIEWTITLE: Peter Pan and Wendy by J.M Barrie retold by May Byron
Total Page:119, Total Chapter:13
One Line Review: Live the moment
Review about the book:
It’s about a girl who travelled to Never Land and help Peter Pan and other kids who lived their.

The story begins when Wendy was at the age of two. After two to three years. She got two brothers John and Michael. One-night Mr. and Mrs. Darling went for a party in a nearby house. While they were in the party Mr. and Mrs. Darling saw 4 shadows in their house they thought that it was passer by shadow.

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While Wendy and her brothers were asleep Tinker bell came into their room and she was followed by Peter pan who was searching his shadow Peter Pan told that the children in Never Land a mother to look after them. So, Peter Pan ask Wendy for that Wendy replied if her brother come their she help kids and while they were travelling Tinkle bell told the tribes to shoot Wendy because Tinkle bell got jealous of Wendy.

And then captain Hook who was the cruel leader of Pirates. He didn’t like Peter at all mean while Peter came to know the play which was played by Tink. After that Wendy told all the story what her mother told her.

But Wendy don’t want be forgotten by other so she wants to go back to her parents.

Main Character:
Peter Pan and Wendy are the main character in the book Peter Pan is not a grown up man he never grew up.He help children who are lost. He took them to the place called Never Land . the place where no one knows and he lives their.Wendy is a very kind hearted girl. Her mother Mrs.Darling loves all her kids but she love Wendy more. She call her as the little flower.

Favorite Character:
My favorite character in the book is Wendy because she Tink didn’t like her but Wendy help Tink.This show how kind heart that girl was. She was a motherly character who lived in NeverLand. From thatvmoment I like very much.

Like About The Book:
I like this when they were flying in the sky and when they were in Never Land.

Dislike About The Book:
When Mr. Darling pour his medicine in Nana bowl in that time I didn’t like that part.

This book is very creative and take us also to the Never Land so the book can be read by children and also till at the age of 15.


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