DELAWARE and now some of these smaller operations

DELAWARE and now some of these smaller operations

DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITYA CASE ANALYSIS ON BLOUNT INTERNATIONALDR. AWADZIIOFDELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITYSCHOOL OF MANAGEMENTIn partial fulfillment of the requirements for course Business PolicyBY WANIQUA J. CARNODover, DelawareAPRIL, 2000SUMMARYBlount International was initially the Blount Brothers Constructions Company however due to the company diversification of its product lines and international expansion the company was renamed appropriately. In 1994 the company began to acquire companies that were not in its original business heavy construction industry.

Today Blunt manufactures an array of outdoor products, industrial, power and sporting equipment. It is an International manufacture fulfilling its dreams of expansion into other markets.PROBLEMBlunt acquired many businesses and now some of these smaller operations are losing money.RECCOMENDATIONI recommend that Blount reevaluate its managerial department and make changes within so that the managerial team is one that is actively trying to solve the companies’ current problems and meet its goals. In addition Blount should discharge of its small operations that are losing money.

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Then find a market Niche and focus on becoming an industry leader within that market.JUSTIFICATIONThe reevaluation of Blunt managerial staff will ensure that management is taking the effective measures and work method to help the company succeed. If there is not already an executive that is experienced in the area of company operations than one should be implemented immediately. In addition Blunt’s managerial staff should focus on a market niche that is uncharted because it is more likely to help increase the companies financial growth because competition is less likely in a new market. IMPLEMENTATIONIf needed the implementation of the new managerial staff can be achieved through active recruiting.

In addition developing a team of Blunt employees whose main focus will be to seek and explore market niches. If both of these methods were applied in addition to selling the operations that are no longer successful Blunt would be a success.

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