Biotechnology is exploiting the environment

Biotechnology is exploiting the environment

Biotechnology is exploiting the environment.Nowadays,the breakthrough in medical researches has lead to the cure of many deadly diseases. It has become possible to transplant the organs. The advancements in medical field are boon for those people who are suffering from deadly diseases.However, these advancements can be curse for the animals which are used to test the new drugs before applying to the human beings. The medical students and surgeons perform their first surgeries on animals. Some experiments are performed without giving anesthetics to the beasts. “Among the procedures used in the research are induced heart attack in a consious animal,exposure to infectious diseases or lethally toxic agents, and multiple surgeries” (Orlans et al. 294). These procedures lead to irreversible disabilities or even deaths among the animals.Creature testing is unjustified.

extinction of animals: a large number of animals are being used in scientific researches.according to………in Uniteed States of America,about 1.37 million beasts have undergone research procedues in 2010 excluding the animals which are not on the list of animal welfare act.(changing scenario).as a large number of animals go through the scientific experiments.manny of these aniamls suffer permanent diabilitiesb or lose their lives as they are exposed to toxic chemicals and tortored mentally as well physical to record the variations in behaviours in different situations.some endagered species are becoming extinct as they capture the interest of biological researches because their intrnal organs are somewhat similar to the human beings.Therefore,scientists prefer to use them in the most of their experimetns to obtain precise results. The repeated use of same species in experimentation leads to the extinction of that particular species.For example,the use of frogs in India need special permission from the respective State Chief Wildlife warden, since the frogs are labeled as endangered species. Frogs are included under Schedule IV of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 of India as well as under the red list of International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.(try 2 use quotation)
Animals also feel pain like human beings. As evidences from different resssearches prove this fact.(ethic and scientific).may animals are vivisected and and exposed to poisnous chemicals without applying anesthesia to them.Animals cannot speak against the atrocities commited on them but they feel pain.As per the survey econducted in USA in 2006, about 1,000,000 beast were used in painful experiments out of which 84000 animals were used in councious state as they could feel pain(changing scenario).It is difficult for the animals to brear the pain as they are not familiar to the conditions to which they are subjected duting experimentation. The animals have nervous system and they can sense pain.Therefore,it is cruel and in humane to cause pain to other living beings for the benefits of human beings.
although humans and animals are grouped un the same category known as animal kingdom but animals are not entirely similar to human beings.”cellular” and molecular processes are different in humans and anmials.disease originates at cellular and molecular animals cannot be ideal for testing the drugs for the treatment of diseases in humans although both animals and human beings are the part oof animal kingdom yet they are not entirly similar.
the working with animals is dangerous for the reseachers.As animals having different kinds of germs can cause harm to the laboratory workers.sometimes human bodies are sensitive to some bacterias and allergens.the allergies among the workers of animals laboratories are very common.the animals like rats,dogs and cats carry allergens which can cause skin problems and diseases related to respiratory system.the other challenge for the animal laboratory workers is to work with aggressive wild animals. it is diificult to handle the wild animals.Frustrated and frightened animlas can attack the scientists.Animals can bite and scratch the is not right to put the lives ofo human beings in danger for the research purposes.hence, animal experimentation perilous for workers
in university of pennsylvania, head injuryexperimets were conducted on bsbbons, in these experiments,uncurable head injuries were caused to healthy baboons(page 79)(human use of animals).It is wrong to give diabilities to the healthy beasts just for experiments.the mentally retarded animals and human beings can be used for this purpose.Animals and human beings who got head injuries in accidents, can be used as a subject to these, it should not be taken as guranted to only use animals for testing.
Experiments done on animals are not necessarily be successful on the human beings.for example when penicillin was tested on guinea pigs it showed detrimental effects on them,but when used for human beings its results were positive(brute science 25).the drugs are tested on animals to ensure their saftey fpr human beings but if these tests do not ensure the saftey of chemicals then torturing the animals for durg testing is useless. The drugs which get approval on the basis of their posive results in animals can be dangerous for the health of human drrugs,some aimal tested surgeries also show opposite effects on human beings.Such as cardiac bypass surgery was succesfully tried on animals but caused fatalities when implemented on the human beings.(golden geese 19 may b)
Alternatives methods are more useful than using animals in research.In this era of technological advancements,many researchers have developed computerised methods for digital dissection of animals and to see structure of human and animal internal organs using,it is useless to take the lives of animals.Moreover,computer softwares can be used to predict the extent to which the chemical is dangerous.(ethics of using animals)Therefore,it unworth to kill animals when digital methods of research and teaching are available.
furthermore, human tissue cels…..

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