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skyBiography of U.S. Representative Janice D. Schakowsky (D-IL)Jan Schakowsky was elected to represent Illinois’ 9th Congressional District on November 3, 1998, after serving for eight years in the Illinois State Assembly. The 9th Congressional District encompasses city and suburbs, including the North Lakeshore ofhicago, Evanston, Skokie, Niles, Morton Grove and several Northwest Side neighborhoods.A consumer and senior citizen advocate U.

S. Representative Jan Schakowsky has fought throughout her career for economic and social improved life. She is support of universal health care coverage for all Americans, to investment in public education, ando seniors citizens, working families, and women issues.Schakowsky is active in the campaign to give 39 million senior citizens and persons with disabilities access to affordable prescription drugs. Schakowsky is also working to ensure that seniors receive quality home, hospice, and nursing home care.In 1969 Schakowsky led the fight that put freshness dates on products sold in the supermarket, Schakowsky carries on that tradition in Congress. She introduced the Financial Consumers’ Bill of Rights Act, a comprehensive bill to put an end to ATM surchges and exorbitant bank fees, and to deliver real financial privacy protections for consumers.

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In her first term in office, she was successful in including provisions in major legislation to expand housing opportunities for low-income people and to assist small business owners and farmers. She is an active member of the Congressional Human RightCaucus and is a champion of expanding our nations’ hate crime laws. Following the vicious hate crimes committed against her constituents and others over the 4th of July weekend in 1999, her bill condemning acts of hate was passed by the full House.She active in protecting children and putting an end to gun violence. In 1999, she organized the first national women’s forum on gun safety in Chicago and is working against the gun lobby to pass sensible gun safety measures that would save lives.

Schawsky also introduced major bills to increase federal assistance for abused women and children and to protect the rights of battered immigrant women.Schakowsky is working to deliver to the people of the 9th Congressional District superior services and a voice in congress when dealing with federal agencies. Representing one of the most diverse districts in the nation, Schakowsky immediately took on tImmigration and Naturalization Service on behalf of her constituents in order to bring to an end the agency’s culture of the “customer is always wrong.”In Washington, Schakowsky serves on the House Banking and Financial Services and Government Reform Committees. She was elected to a leadership position of Freshman Whip and selected to be a floor Whip, where she helps coordinate and rally votes on key sues.

Schakowsky is a member of the Health Care and Medicare Task Forces.While her voting record is not personally what I would have chosen, I do respect her affirmative stand, and willingness not to back down, or sway to the public opinion. I respect her leadership role, and her example. The majority (71%) of her donatiocomes from privet citizens.

Approximately 20% comes from the Labor unions, but for being a democrat that is less than expected. Due to where her financing comes from I believe that she tries to support the beliefs of the people she represents, and nothat of large corporations. Schakowsky voting record show that she is not easily swayed by either her party line, or special interest groups; and for that I respect her.

As a State Representative, Jan Schakowsky sponsored and passed many important measures, including bills to strengthen the Hate Crimes Act and nursing home protections; to increase support for public libraries, day care centers and home delivered meals r seniors; to allow parents leave from work for school conferences; and the first bill in the nation guaranteeing homeless people the right to vote.U.S. Representative Schakowsky is on the Midwest Governing Council of the Jewish Congress, and is a member of the Labor Union UNITE! and a number of civic organizations.

She also serves on the Advisory Council of the Board of Directors of Palliative CaCenter of the North Shore.

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