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1.The main idea of this selection is about the families of America in the present and how they are having problems with social life. With both parents working full-time jobs, its hard for their children to adapt the family life as it used to be. Parents have less and less time for their kids now days then they used to have in the past. Families are falling apart and they have no social life. Everyone is busy in their own little world so no one has time to talk about their day or have a dinner or lunch together. It is very hard for the American families to stay close to each other because it never works out the way it used to be in the past.

1.I live away from my family on the weekday but in the weekend I spend enough time with my family. I am very close to my parents and so are they with me. We have no problem with our social lives. So I dont have any complains or problems.2.As Barron writes, well find ways of spending more time together, she means that every single American family has to find the time for their selves and have some family life.

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One area is of this solution is Work: work is the big part of this problem. Almost every parent work today and that makes a lot of difference in the families social life and mutual relationship between their children and or spouses. They have no time for eating together or discuss their day together or at least talk for a while. It is hard these days to have a social life when you have a lot of work to do and have to wake up early in the morning. Other problem is entertainment, which is hard to explain because I dont think that it is a big problem and I havent experienced it with my family. But it could be major problem for other families. These are the major reasons of families today not having a good social life and not knowing their family member too well.

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