There’s I am talking about a problem that

There’s I am talking about a problem that

There’s a famous saying that goes something like this: “Love makes you do crazy things. ” To be more precise, I am talking about a problem that many young adults pitfall into, getting hitched too young. Marriage, a formal union of man and woman where you are both recognized as husband and wife is no joke and should be thoroughly thought through before proceeding.

Early marriages may suffer from multiple problems, such as lack of maturity, low income, and potentially an early halt to career and or schooling potential.Due to these three major points, early marriage should be reconsidered and avoided if possible. Maturity is a by-product of aging.

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The older we get, the more we learn about ourselves and ultimately what makes us happy. Most young people truly are unaware of what they really want out of a lifetime partner. If a woman is not mature enough for wife or motherhood, she will most definitely find marriage difficult. Coping with any sort of marital disputes or raising children will be a burden and may become depressed too soon in life.

By marrying older closer to your thirties, you will have a better grasp on life itself and how to handle certain situations. Money does not necessarily make you happy, however most people will agree it sure is nice to have. By marrying later in life, you and your significant other should have been putting money aside for bigger and better things to come. Similarly, by having money you develop a sense of where it came from, value it more and are more mature about handling it.

Most young people these days have the luxuries of being spoiled by parents who lend vehicles, cook food, clean homes, among other things. Once you’re married, the onus is now on you and your significant other to cover the costs of supporting yourselves. It’s possible, I don’t argue that, but younger married couples will have more difficulties with simple tasks such as these if they are not financially prepared or have good money management skills. Early Marriages may also abruptly end ones studies and or job. Women may feel pressured by their man to quit their professions and stay at home.This may be so that she can clean the house, cook dinner , run errands and take care of the children if they decide to have them sooner than later.

Although raising a family and being a good wife is rewarding beyond doubt, there is a time and place for everything. It may also be the man who is told to stay home, it’s quite possible in the twenty first century. Nonetheless, both man and woman should acquire school or work experience, so they both mature and save some money to make life a little easier when it comes to raising a family.

Marriage, anyway it’s looked at it is special occasion. Like any special occasion in our lives, it should be planned, revised, and taken seriously. Therefore, to have a happy marital life, we should go into it as mature and educated as possible. We should have also developed necessary life skills such as money management to reduce financial stress, which is more common than not among young married couples. We really should only be marrying once in our lifetime. Thus, it’s better to take a couple extra years to think about marriage, and not get married too young too quick.

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