Best Hockey Sticks of All-Time Most people when they look at a hockey stick see just that hockey stick

Best Hockey Sticks of All-Time Most people when they look at a hockey stick see just that hockey stick

Best Hockey Sticks of All-Time

Most people when they look at a hockey stick see just that hockey stick. It’s a piece of wood with a weird curve in the end wrapped in tape and it looks like a blunt striking object more than anything else.

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But to any hockey player the stick or the twig is more than just a piece crafted from wood or composite. It is the bow to the violin or the pic to the guitar string. It’s the wand that’s used by magicians to weave their magic over the ice. It should be the right length; the right curve and perfect tape job so it’s nothing like an irregularly shaped branch off a tree.

Like anything else a sport, the stick has evolved from nothing more than a piece of wood to a highly specialized scoring weapon and it’s been modified down to the last detail to give the national Hockey League players optimal power, quickness and accuracy with every shot they take. It’s even gotten to the point where the stick almost does the work for you; just lean on the kick and watch the puck fly off the blade effortlessly.

Obviously it’s not that simple but the improvements that have been made to sticks are now made of composite carbon and this has certainly made hockey sticks sophisticated and effective. Through time, players of all levels have had a multitude of choices when it comes to what brand of stick they want to use and only a select few go down in hockey as the greatest twigs of all time.

The Two-Piecer

This is a two-piece stick that was kind of like a puberty stage in the history of hockey sticks. After all those years of wooden sticks things began to change and there was a mix of old standard and new technologies. Just like puberty it takes a while to get the hang of it and there were awkward, uncomfortable moments with the strange feel of an aluminum shaft, the difference in weight and the out of place looking blade that stuck out like a sore thumb.

Warrior Covert

This is a strange brand because typically you love it or hate it. These sticks are the” hipster” hockey brand. The sticks are stylish and look good and they cost as much as all the other sticks if not more but typically you will only be using it to be” different”.

Reebok SicKick

This stick has a couple things going for it as it has a sick name and it looks sick and has Sidney Crosby’s signature and his name associated with it for years.

Koho Fiberglass

If the two-piece sticks with the puberty stage of the hockey stick development, fiberglass became the age of the boys spent half of their time running away from the girls with” cooties” while secretly in love with the girl of their dreams.

Bauer Supreme Total One

Maybe you’ve wondered how Steven Stamkos manages to get so much force behind his wicked slapper from a standing still position. You can give part of that credit to these Bauer sticks. They have become a major force in the hockey stick landscape over the past decade and they can produce the most popular sticks in the world religiously used by the NHL’s best players.

CCM Tacks

These sticks are a blast from the past. They are a brand that is synonymous with hockey so they began to bring back an old school look for a new school product. They have been on the shelf for less than a year but they’re already the rage in the NHL. Their main selling points are the grip and its ability to help shooters pick the corners with some pop in your shot.

Bauer Vapor XXX

Much of what goes into choosing a stick is the feel and the benefits of that particular stick but you also want it to look good. This stick does both and has the Nike logo attached to it. It is a scoring weapon that is light, durable, well rounded and flashy and it makes players look flashy on the ice also.

Easton Synergy

This stick doesn’t deserve the first spot on this list but once you scroll down it is one of the most popular stick brands in the hockey world despite all the modifications it’s made since its beginnings around the year 2000. Big names such as Joe Sakic and Paul Kariya are some of the first to pick up this composite twig.


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