BeowulfAn epic hero is a

BeowulfAn epic hero is a

BeowulfAn epic hero is a hero that reflects the value and the ideas of a society. An example of a wonderful epic hero would be Beowulf, but that’s from my point of view.

Beowulf always had a guide or guides to go with. His way was not always direct or clear. Beowulf is not a fool or perfected with superior physical strength. The hero usually has a guide or guides. His men, have copious loyalty in him as he says goodbye, heads toward the dragon’s cave for his next victory, after defeating Grendel’s mother.

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The men desert him because they can see he cannot win. They do not feel that they are epic heroes and brave. That lets you know that they are not consistently ethical or true to their sense of fate. He fails in his last attempt to slay the dragon after all the dignity that he found in himself.Beowulf’s way is not direct or clear.

He is not direct or clear when he’s asking to face the monster alone in hand-to hand combat. Since the enemy uses no weapon, he chooses to uses none to have a fair advantage. He accomplished some by killing many enemies, chained five giants and chased their race from the earth, and hunted monsters out of the ocean. Time travels by: he fails when he defeated the sea monsters by serving them with his sword for the feast: they die at the bottom of the sea. Heroes are not fools or perfect. The young hero always faces a threat to his life and must be hidden or taken away.

Grendel’s mother attacks Herot and carries off Grendel’s claw. Then Beowulf shows victory by hanging Grendel’s arm from the rafter of Herot. He later invades the bottom of the lake where Grendel’s mother lives, and attacks her with his bare hands. He continues as he kills Grendel’s mother with the magical sword he has found. He than finds Grendel’s body and cuts his head off in revenge for the men Grendel killed. Beowulf is a hero with superior physical strength and is supremely ethical he sets his own goals to kill his enemies.

He kills the monster that symbolizes darkness and has strong destructive power. He kills Grendel, when the man eating monster, that slaughters men during the night. Grendel is murderous as he creeps through Herot causing an atrocity as he kills 30 of Hrothgar’s men. Then Beowulf comes along tearing Grendel’s arm off with his bare hands. Beowulf is an epic hero; he remains brave and fearless until the end.

He spends the rest of his days fighting evil to keep his good name, “Beowulf.” To have that name he has to remain determined to face his enemies with glory until the end.

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