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The phrase “true American” does not have a definition, although the word “American” does. The definition of American is “belonging to or characteristic of America.” It is hard to relate Benjamin Franklin to this definition of an American, but it does apply to many of his characteristics. Franklin’s loyalty to America shows greatly throughout his life in his writings and jobs.

Franklin’s many jobs included being an inventor, politician, author, statesman, philosopher, soldier, scientist, citizen, and a printer. Franklin helped stabilize America by helping to write the countries declaration of independence, which is only one of his many works. Benjamin Franklin’s leadership did not only influence the people of his time, but this great quality still influences the people of today. Many people today think of Franklin as a proud pillar of our national heritage. Most of Franklin’s education was self-taught through his hard work and dedication to learning. This education helped Franklin in many ways to write many books, outsmart other politicians, and create new inventions.

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Franklin knows he can not relive his life so decides that writing a book would be the next best thing. In Franklin’s autobiography, which he writes to his son, he tries to retell his mistakes so others will not do the same. One of Franklin’s strongest beliefs includes his religion.

Franklin did not believe in organized religion and believed strongly in Deism. This shows his concern for other Americans. One of Franklin’s most contributive works to America besides his diplomacy was the Declaration of Independence.

Not only did Franklin help write this document, but he was also the oldest person to sign it. Franklin published an annual book called Poor Richard’s Almanac. In this book Franklin included both important and useless information. Franklin predicted temperatures, told tales, included some of his favorite quotes, and had many fun facts published in this book. This is one of Franklin’s most famous quotes “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” (Perkins) This saying shows Franklin’s intelligence on time management. Here Franklin claims to be a precise, healthy, and wise person.

Franklin’s inventions contributed greatly to both the world then, and the modern world. Franklin invented bifocals, the dumb waiter, the Franklin stove, and completed many experiments on electricity. Another of Franklin’s great contributions to America was establishing the first lending library, hospital, and fire station. Franklin worked on ideas such as better-paved and lighted streets. Benjamin Franklin was a “true American” because of his dedication to starting, sustaining, and stabilizing America as a country.

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