Urban attractive aspects of city living? Considering transport

Urban attractive aspects of city living? Considering transport

Urban living nowadays is oppressive. Pollution and overpopulation in big cities will undoubtedly increase in years to come. This is definitely having an impact on health and life expectancy of townspeople. At the same time there are obvious advantages to urban living in terms of entertainment, culture, interesting architecture, shopping. .

If I had a choice I would prefer living in a small town but I would go to big cities at weekends or vacations for shopping, sightseeing and entertaining. Why are so many people striving to live in the cities?First of all, megalopolises can offer a lot of job opportunities. Secondly, big cities have shopping centers where you can find almost anything. Additionally, cultural benefits are an unquestioned advantage.

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As for me I am a theater addict and try to never lose an opportunity to watch some performance at the theatre when I have a chance to stay in a big city. What are the least attractive aspects of city living? Considering transport systems cities are not attractive places to live. Getting somewhere during rush hour is very stressful.Night clubs and casinos can cause different addictions like gambling or drugs. What are advantages of living in small towns? People living in the countryside enjoy fresh air, picturesque scenery full of greenery and open spaces.

When I was a child we spent our weekends on the farm of our grandparents and I still remember how happy I was staying there. To sum up, there are both benefits and drawbacks to city living. In my opinion our health is the most precious thing and the benefits of urban living can’t outrweigh the opportunities of countryside living.

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