Based on the X and Y assumptions

Based on the X and Y assumptions

Based on the X and Y assumptions, each manager has its own style of leadership and philosophy. These aspects are helpful for a company to develop and progress. The philosophy of development is based on the key elements of hard working and consistency. It is based on the direction and orientation towards a high performing element. In the managerial framework, managers are required to function according to the need of the company and these elements should provide ways to the subordinates. Vanessa can be affected of their attitudes in form of less focused strategy and scattered approach. If managers will not work according to the requirements of the company and functioning, there would be potential conflicts in working performance. The management role to handle the conflict of employees is inherent to help company to develop.
The effective organizations focus on their strategies and philosophies to work efficiently. In the banking organization of the case study, where there is customer service, the style of leadership that suits best is transactional and transformational leadership. It is manly to provide a direction to the institute where it can define its ways according to the need off customers. Usually banking sector is private and it needs a strong leadership to focus on all of the aspects of development and its employees. On the perspective of bank, the leadership style that managers can use is transformational. It is not only to use the ability t direct people from one function to another, but it is a function that helps employees motivating and makes team best oriented to achieve their mission. This is also positive to acknowledge all the leadership concepts and attain the performance. In the case of bank, the customer service can be improved when employees are serving best.
Bank managers are required to have great leadership skills and if they have some qualities of management, they should work to improve it. Bank managers should focus on a clear vision. It is related to the mission of company and it would help employees to find their direction. This should be explained to employees so that they can get benefit from their approach. Managers should also learn about their strengths and focus on what is appropriate for the bank. It is a leadership skill that is related with passion. Focusing more on passion will help attaining the objectives and it also works in a collective way to accomplish the objectives. Working on moral values and ethics cannot be ignored as it is central for any company to perform well with subordinates. It helps in decision making and provides ability to judge others need and better approach for the company.
Vanessa is working to improve her sales number so that she can get better ranking in bank. She is not getting progress and the managers of banks are scolding her and criticizing her for not working well. The preparation of Vanessa for three moths review is a tough process and she will have to work hard to get positive feedback. This can be attained by hard working. She can get help from the managers those she know can help. For instance, Marion is not helpful to her and only focus on the employee’s productivity. He will not help Vanessa. Bruce helps her a bit in managerial issues and she should ask him about ongoing issues. She can know well about personal banking relationship by Bruce’s support. Next she can also get help from Heather as he is providing moral support and assured of her success and that she is doing well.


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