BASEBALLBaseball team plays along with him. There are

BASEBALLBaseball team plays along with him. There are

BASEBALLBaseball is a unique sport in many different ways.

It is the only major competitive sport that has no time limit. The success of a player is determined on how well he can play as an individual and how well the team plays along with him. There are many rules that determine the success of a players performance. A baseball game is played with two teams and each team is permitted 25 players per team; however this is only true for professional teams. There are three parts to baseball: offense, pitching, and defense.

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Each part has is completely different for each other, but to play the game each part must be involved.The team on offense tries to score runs, while the pitching and defense tries to prevent the offense from scoring runs. To score a run a player on the offense attempts to hit a small special white ball that the pitcher throws to him. If he hits the play in the filed of play he can attempt to run to a base. If the player reaches the base before the defense can get the ball there or tag him with the ball he will be safe. There are four square bases and are lined up in a diamond. The player starts from the home plate, he has to round the bases to score a run.

From base to base is 90 feet, so from home plate to first base is 90 feet and from first base to second base is 90 feet, ect. When the player on offense hits the ball it must stay in the filed of play which is restriced from: the right side of third base to the left side of first base and up until the homerun wall. The homerun wall is a barrier that keeps the ball in play.

The wall is located far from home plate within the filed of play. If a ball is hit over the wall then it is called a homerun and the player who hit it and anyone who is on base automatically scores. The offense is given three outs every inning, there are usually nine innings in a game. There are cretin exceptions where there could be more or less then nine; if the game is past the 5th inning and has to be stopped do to rain, the game would be stopped there. The only way for a game to go more then nine innings is if the game is tied after nine full innings.

The first line of defense against the offense is the pitching, thus making the pitcher the most important player on the filed.The pitcher job is to try and throw the ball past the player whos on offense. There is a defensive player behind the offensive player that catches the ball if the offensive player cant hit it. The pitcher has to throw either make the hitter put the ball in play and attempt to get him out or he has to throw the ball past the hitter 3 times.

Each time he throws the ball past a hitter its called a strike, three strikes and the hitter is out. A strike can also be a foul ball; which is a ball that is hit, but not in the filed of play. Another way to get a strike is if the hitter doesnt swing at a pitch that is above his knees and below his elbows and is above home plate.

If the ball is not in that area then its called a ball, four balls and the player automatically gets a free pass to first base. The last line of defense is the defense, in baseball it is important to have a good defense if you are expected to win.The defense is made of nine players and each player needs to be able to communicate with each other to perform well. There are three outfielders and six infielders. The defense must try to make the outs. To make an out a defensive player can caught the ball before it his the ground, tag out a player on offense with the ball, or make a force out at a base (a ball must reach the base before the hitter). A force out can only be made at second, third and home base is if there are player on the pervious bases.

If the defense and pitching fail then the offense will score runs.In conclusion there are three parts to baseball: offense, pitching, and defense. Each one is very important to the success of a team. It is important to understand the rules and follow them as much as possible. If a player is interested in playing baseball he must be able to understand the sport if he wishes to have any success.Words/ Pages : 802 / 24

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