William Faulkner presents several interesting

William Faulkner presents several interesting

William Faulkner presents several interesting characters in the story, Barn Burning. Sarty Snopes a lonely ten-year old boy is one of these characters. His father, Abner moves the family around constantly and is a very evil man.

Sarty had a rough childhood. He deserves sympathy and respect because he is lonely, courageous, and has good morals.Moving from place to place constantly Sarty is very lonely. His father packs up and moves the family to a new place time and again. The Snopes family never stays in one place for a long time. This lifestyle was tough on Sarty because he was unable to make any friends.

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Sartys family is not much help either since Sarty does not get along with his sisters or his brother who was much older. Even him and his mother did not get along. Loneliness is problem for Sarty and for this he deserves my sympathy.Although Sarty has no real friends or role models, he manages to have very good morals despite his fathers abusive and criminal behavior. It would be easy for Sarty to follow in his fathers footsteps, but Sarty turned his father in and left. He is deserving of respect since he has such good morals.

Another reason to respect Sarty is that when he finally got sick of his fathers wrongdoing he had the courage to leave. Sarty took off when his father had his mother tie him up to prevent him from turning his father in. After escaping from his family and hearing gun shots Sarty just starting running. He didnt look back until he could no longer see the farm in flames. Leaving home at ten years old takes a lot of guts.

Having enough courage to run away, Sarty is deserving of respect.Sarty deserves a lot of sympathy and respect. .

Loneliness was a big part in Sartys life. Sarty didnt let this affect him, though, and he stuck to his morals. For a ten-year old Sarty was also quite courageous. Our sympathy and respect should be given to Sarty.

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