AUTONOMOUS CARS Imagine a world where you can get in your car without the worry of driving alongside of intoxicated

AUTONOMOUS CARS Imagine a world where you can get in your car without the worry of driving alongside of intoxicated


Imagine a world where you can get in your car without the worry of driving alongside of intoxicated, negligent and dangerous adolescents and adults?

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Good morning, Mrs Lester and students. The once fictional dream about a driverless car is now becoming reality. What is an autonomous car you may ask? It is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) predicts that in 2040 the roads will be populated with autonomous vehicles, with up to 75% of all cars driverless. Limitations, money and better advantages are minimal when it comes to autonomous vehicles. As human civilisation advances technologically on a daily basis, we are becoming less dependent on people and more dependent on robots, which many view as a positive. Self- driving cars are a step in the right direction for society. (Wired, 2018)

There are some limitations when it comes to normal vehicles, but the limitations can overcome an autonomous vehicle. The NRMA website states that Australia is set to gain limitations from autonomous vehicles are extensive. As an article from Forbes points out, there is also a cost savings associated with time. Over time, higher speed limits might be considered as an option if more people are using self-driving cars. Since the computers calculate operation of the vehicle safely, driving time could be reduced by faster speeds allowed on the road (Muoio, 2016)

Thereupon possessing your own personal autonomous vehicle will be unnecessary and costly because the time is wasted in a parking spot could be utilized to transport other individuals, and a subscription to a public transport system is a much cheaper alternative. Autonomous vehicles will also save owners insurance money because as the rate of the incidents drops, vehicle insurance will be viewed as optional rather than obligatory. In addition, this innovation will save the customer fuel money by reducing the frequency of braking and acceleration, which has an adverse effect on fuel consumption. As expected with a very technologically advanced piece of machinery, when autonomous cars first hit the market they will not be affordable for everyone. However, given enough time, the price will go down and self- driving cars will slowly but surely replace regular cars. A while after the interrogation of this technology into our daily lives, there will be an inevitable loss of driving related jobs. But as the saying goes, when one door closes another opens, and these robots aren’t going to build themselves (SingularityHub, 2018)

The immediate effect will undoubtedly lead to a loss of jobs, but with the success of production, in the long term new jobs will appear and consequently completely fresh industries as well. With this huge development in electronics, admittedly garage mechanics and taxi drivers might struggle with income, but software engineers and programmers are going to be in demand more than ever, and thus economic balance is restored. Many believe that given enough time, the criteria required for intelligence and information based jobs will become less constricted. This is because the advances in software programming and other similar areas of expertise will make relates jobs uncomplicated.

All the benefits that have been mentioned, the unparalleled road safety, the smooth and quick ride, the low expenses and many more outweigh the very scarce negatives. Self- driving cars will revolutionise the auto- industry and will be a turning point in our lives. Soon enough driver licenses will cease to exist; elderly people, children and handicapped people will no longer struggle with land transportation. “What can we do to create shared prosperity? The answer is not to try to slow down technology. Instead of racing against the machine, we need to learn to race the machine.” (Theconversation, 2010)


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