Australias In 1999 Serbian soldiers ordered her out

Australias In 1999 Serbian soldiers ordered her out

Australias national anthem is a perfect example of how this country misleads people coming to Australia. This lucky country detains asylum seekers who come to our country and puts them into Mandatory Detention; John Howard talk for locking up innocent people in worse conditions than your average prison. A country like Canada on the other hand shows compassion for people coming into their fair country.Gyzele Osmani is a woman with an extraordinary story. In 1999 Serbian soldiers ordered her out of her Kosovo home at gunpoint. She then along with her family (husband and 5 kids) fled out of their village.

The family was then granted temporary protection in Australia. She thought to herself, Now my children will have a place that is safe with many opportunities for the future. She at first thought Australian people are so kind. Gyzeles daughter had to under go three operations which were all unsuccessful, as the 4th operation was booked; the Australian government ordered her to go back to Kosovo. The government refused to listen to the familys plea to stay; they were put into Port Hedland Detention Centre in Western Australia.

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A country like Canada reviews the situation and reviews personal needs. This is from the Canadian website of Citizenship and Immigration: we review the Asylum Seekers personal needs of protection.When an Asylum Seeker or Refugee is accepted into Canada; the opportunity is available for permanent residence.

This is a quote from the Canadian CIC website: The Canadian government has several programs to help refugees resettle in Canada and establish themselves in their new home. Canadian familys can also give shelter to the Asylum Seekers and Refugees by hosting them until they the experience to work in Canada. Australias alternative to this is locking up them up in detention centres. Who has the better immigration policy? You be the judge.

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