At the start of the play

At the start of the play

At the start of the play, Catherine craves Eddie’s approval and acts in a submissive and obedient manner towards him. Upon buying her new skirt she persistently asks Eddie ‘You like it?’ in a desperate attempt to get a response from him, this conveys to the audience her infatuation with pleasing Eddie, to the point where she is on the brink of tears without his positive support ‘almost in tears because he disapproves’. This description is reminiscent of a small child, with ‘tears’ particularly reinforcing this concept, yet we also see Catherine adopt a secondary role resembling that of a wife. Catherine’s insistence on tending to Eddie ‘I’ll get you a beer’ and ‘Stay there! I’ll get it’ reflects a keen obedience on behalf of Catherine and resembles the dynamic between husband and wife in a typical American household in the 1950s. This conveys to the audience the complexity of the relationship they share and allows for exploration into the aspects of this relationship as the play develops


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