At present

At present

At present, we have a team of support workers who support a young man called J, who has a learning disability. Although J had a learning disability, J is very able; however, J gives the impression to others that he is more independent than his abilities actually are.
Hen commencing support with J, Sorelle and J put together a structure support plan and weekly planner to ensure he was gaining independence and learning new skill whilst transitioning him into living along as J requires support with moving into his new property and maintaining a tenancy, understanding bills and managing his finances. J also required finding paid work that he could hold down rather than being employed and not being able to meet the job role requirements. To ensure J is staying on track and meeting goals, we ensure that he has a set team of staff for continuity of support.

Over the past few weeks, we have come across a few problems with J’s support. J has withdrawn from his support visit due to his personal life. J’s mum called our office with some concerns of J and his support team not producing any outcomes from his support visits, J’s mum was unaware of him not engaging in his support and regularly cancelling his support sessions, J has been informing his mum that Sorelle were short staffed and we were cancelling the support sessions. J’s mum was reassured this was not the case.
A meeting was called to review J’s support and the requirements were put in place to ensure his support needs were being met. J agreed to engage with his support team in be able to come his set tasks. His support team were informed that they were to feedback to the office team after every support visit of what had been done during that session so we could monitor his progress of producing some outcomes.
This soon went back to J disengaging in his support. The feedback emails we were receiving of when J did engage in his support were that all he wanted to do was walk his friend’s dog.
J also sends us regular emails and calls us with the concerns of not completing the tasks that he needs to do but doesn’t understand that he must engage in his support visit to be able to achieve with help.
Through receiving the feedback emails, this has enabled the management team to act on the issues that have arisen as we do not see these first hand, we rely on feedback from our support teams to keep us in the loop to act on areas that need improvement.

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