Assignment #1

Assignment #1

Assignment #1: Self-Reflection Paper
Written by: Donnalyn Joy R. Arguelles
Student #: 4280891
Instructor: Carla Ferreira Rodrigues
Course: Healthcare Administration International
Date: September 26, 2018
Reflection promoted in everyday life whether it is at the workplace, college facility, or in life, that is an aspect of professional growth to learn experience, that is out by professional bodies in codes of conduct, standards, norms, and skill.

As I graduated from college, I applied in a government company which supports indigent people and my role was to assist my colleagues in managing cases and workload, administrative works, and responsible for documenting notes. When I get hired by this company, they assigned their staff in the areas of assignment. We are three staffs in that area from the National level and one staff from the Municipal level. I had been in that area for five years since I was hired, and by the year 2016, they hired another staff that will assist indigent people under the Livelihood program. The first time I saw her, I had a gut feeling that I will not get along with her.
As time goes by, something happened because of the doorknob in the main door was broken by the Child Development Worker, when it happened we are not in the office. The following morning, I was the first one who reached the office, and I cannot open the main door, so I asked for the helped from Engineering department. It’s Monday morning, there are many clients went into our office, I had no chance to tell them that the doorknob was broken. Then, the next morning we went into a different area, she was the person alone that day in the office, and she cannot open the door. My colleague texted me that the girl cannot enter the door, and told him that no one told me that it was broken, but I made way to open that door. She was a sensitive girl. That day was the beginning of the conflict, and she discussed this to the Municipal officer about the issue about the doorknob. I share this with one of the Provincial Staff, a friend of mine and saw her the conversation we had.

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After two weeks, our supervisor visited our area about this issue. He asked me about this, the sad thing here I think they are biased in between us because the friend of this girl is present that day, who is a system focal, and my colleagues never defend me, to tell the truth about this situation. From then on, I feel stressful, have low self-esteem, cannot focus on my job, and I can’t control my emotions. The management decided to transfer me to a different area.
Mitigating factors:
From this work experience, I realized there is a communication barrier, it affects the mutual respect between each employee, and the ability to understand the skills, enthusiasm, teamwork for the effective group dynamics. The lack of communication has a result of negligence on becoming genuine with the thoughts and feelings of each staff. A team must meet limitations to the amount of complaint in the organization that increases the work rate of their employee. Struggle happens due to the differences in culture, interest, values and thru miscommunication. From my experience, able to gain a great rapport with a co-worker and to decrease the stress. I also believe that approaching employee’s right, avoiding biased system, and about the diversity can lead to success and have overall quality of life. The efficient authority of moral is also a significant factor in controlling stress and creating an equilibrium of dignity within employees is about personal advancement. (Essays UK, 2013)
Through this experience, I learned how to cope with the annoying environment can regulate my feelings so that I make through observation dealing with stress. Communication and better administration are ways to cope with stress in the organization. It is significant for learning the stress management. If an employee is stressed, production and organization will endure. As expressed, stress can be made by situations caused by overwork, interruptions, and general rivalry between employees in dealing with stress in the organization is significant to extend learning new information in how to deal with struggle. According to William Shakespeare that love all, trust few, do wrong to none. Lastly, dealing with a co-worker personally and professionally, on how to understand the different cultures and people. (Essays UK., 2013).

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