1 products against their major competitors. http://asda. mysupermarket.

1 products against their major competitors. http://asda. mysupermarket.

1 power of suppliers Asda is putting the squeeze on suppliers by demanding lower prices to boost its fire power in an intensifying price war with rivals such as Tesco. The supermarket has embarked on a round of “tough” negotiations with all major suppliers, including multinationals such as Unilever. The pricing terms of nearly all 30,000 products in its stores are under scrutiny with suppliers asked to offer better terms. http://www.

guardian. co. uk/business/2009/mar/22/asda-supermarkets Meaning that the power of suppliers is not as strong as it used to be since they can make them lower their prices, Therefore the demand is also bigger. power of buyers Asda been reducing it prices to get its customer attention by decreasing over 3000 products making it more competitive, making their customers have knowledge of what products are in promotion and which ones the price as gone down, via email or letters. Also they have a web page were the customer is allowed to communicate its opinions about the service and so far it as been very satisfactory. But in 2011 the power of buyers as been decreasing specially family type of customers.

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http://www. guardian. co. k/business/2011/feb/22/asda-consumer-spending-supermarkets? INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3487 http://www. bbc. co.

uk/news/10312959 3 4 treat of substitutes 5 Intensity between firms and industries Thanks to e business asda has been a lot of customers by cutting prices reducing products prices, employ more staff for distribution of online chopping, differentiate their products against their major competitors. http://asda. mysupermarket.

co. uk/Content/ http://www. mysupermarket. co. uk/top_offers_in_asda. html? bannerid=15 http://asda.

mysupermarket. co. uk/Content/why-do-online-shopping.


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