As the Disney reach its 50th anniversary

As the Disney reach its 50th anniversary

As the Disney reach its 50th anniversary, they wanted to celebrate it in a special way. The idea is to create an attractive one which will serve as a link between past and future greatness of Disney. In 2003 the Walt Disney introduced expedition Everest (roller coaster) in animal kingdom park of Disney in Florida. It is the embodiment of Disney sprit. With a budget of $100 million in 2006 the expedition Everest was opened in presence of CEO Bobiger and theme park chairmen Jay Rasulo. In 2011 it was recorded in Guinness book as world most expensive roller coaster. To do this they did 2 types of gathering one information gathering and two requirements gathering. After that the execution which has plan, order, course of action and termination of project is done. While doing project the quality management need to be done where their ultimate aim is customer satisfaction. They used more than 900 bamboo plants, 10 species of trees and 110 species of shrubs were planted to re-create the feeling of the Himalayan lowlands surrounding Mount Everest etc. For doing all this the project leader is necessary who is Joe Rohde and he is an executive designer, head of Walt Disney imaginer team and leadership role behind development of expedition Everest. He took many special efforts in making expedition like depiction of yeti, Nepal village etc. He kept keen eye on design execution and making team keen towards the project.


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